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Promote Children’s Health and Wellbeing Assignment Example

Many students of Ireland who are pursuing Healthcare courses, Nursing courses from the Universities of Ireland have to submit essay assignments on various topics. If you need to submit an essay on “ways to promote children’s health and wellbeing, it must be making you feel blank and leaving you wondering about how to start it.

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Promote Children’s Health and Wellbeing Assignment Example

To understand ‘How to promote children’s health and wellbeing” firstly students of Ireland should understand the meaning of wellbeing.

What is well-being and how does it matter for children?

It refers to the positive state in which people live a quality of life. It doesn’t only mean the absence of negatives but also how well we cope-up with them. To measure wellbeing there are two indicators.

  • Objective Indicators – it measures physical indicators like; Health, poverty, education, etc
  • Subjective indicators- this is measured by the people’s assessment of their own life. So it may vary from person to person.

If you have to write an essay related to children’s health and well-being you have to understand the state of wellbeing with children’s connotations. Living conditions and well-being of children gained due recognition in the whole of Europe. European Union uses the children’s wellbeing Index and compares the status of different countries. The students of healthcare courses in Ireland need to know that, in Ireland, the conception of child well-being involves nine dimensions of child development. These are

  • Physical and mental well-being;
  • Moral well-being; identity
  • Self-care
  • Family relationships
  • Emotional and behavioral well-being;
  • Intellectual capacity;
  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Social and peer relationships; and
  • Social presentation.

Childhood can only be flourished by involving all these aspects. Therefore wellbeing for children is a very broad concept that involves not only health but also other areas of child development.

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Importance of Children’s wellbeing

The early childhood years are really important for the overall development of a child. A happy child will be more sensitive towards society and can contribute to society as well. Ireland’s local and national authorities related to healthcare regularly produce reports on the status of children’s well-being. A child should be having the right support in their environment whether it is at home, school, or in the neighborhood. A child, who will turn into an adult, later on, needs to grow in a safe and supporting environment. Whatever the child will learn, later he/she will give back the same thing to the society in general.

The need to promote children’s well-being

In the world, it is a growing concern as there was a fall in the wellbeing of children so agencies like the UN and other world organizations made it clear in their manifestos that it is important to promote the wellbeing of the children. National experts suggested the need for research and measures like adding the topic in the curricula of all Universities who offer courses related to health. To enable the children to participate in the growth of the society and country overall, it is mandatory to provide all support.

Promoting children’s well-being means understanding and addressing all issues related to it. The aspects of promoting the well-being of children are for example

  • Providing a Safe, Healthy home and environment
  • Providing all support and services to be healthy
  • To create an environment of belonging and identity
  • To provide a nurturing stable family
  • To provide safe communities and neighborhood
  • To provide recreational activities
  • To provide learning opportunities and learning support.
  • Providing child welfare services

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Why this is important to know for you

The students of Ireland who are studying health-related courses like medical, nursing, etc will be working later on as doctors, consultants, teachers, psychologists, etc so they should know all the aspects of wellbeing. And being a part of the society as a whole one should know its importance concerning every individual and child. The environment we create for the children should not only be physically safe but also emotionally safe.

What more to be done for promoting the wellbeing of children of Ireland

A regular survey should be conducted by the Local and National Health and Wellbeing boards to collect data on children’s wellbeing in a very subjective manner. There should also be a baseline so the enhancement in wellbeing or degradation in well-being can be measured

  • Universities, schools, and other educational institutes of Ireland should incorporate the curriculum and measures in inspection frameworks
  • There should be immediate action by the government of Ireland if the well-being of children can be enhanced by appropriate measures.
  • A balance should be created between adults’ and children’s well-being. As well-being is subjective in nature all aspects should be taken care of with due importance.
  • The government of Ireland can run some special programs for children’s well-being with proper implementation in concerned areas.

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