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Manual Handling Risk Assessment Assignment Example

The manufacturing sector includes a lot of areas where strenuous physical work is performed. Also, it includes lifting and carrying heavy loads across places. Briefly, a person indulged in the lifting load may risk his body and fall prey to musculoskeletal ailments and develop serious casualties. Thus, there is a need for a Manual Handling Risk Assessment.

Manual Handling Risk Assessment Assignment Example

What are the principle objectives of Manual Handling Risk Assessment?

The principal objectives of Manual Handling Risk Assessment include:

  1. Make people aware of such hazardous situations at their workplaces.
  2. Imparting knowledge on how to curb fatal accidents
  3. Making revised plans and providing better workstations to the employees
  4. Explaining the process through live examples or case studies.
  5. Employees should be able to foresee the potential risk causing factors.

What is the need for Assessing the Manual handling Risk?

Furthermore, there is a large risk involved in manufacturing sector activities. Also, these tasks include pushing, pulling, loading, and unloading activities repeatedly. Hence, this rigorous repetition results in the creation of hazards.

Thus, the need for devising an action plan to minimise the risks that come with manual handling.

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Manual Handling Risk Assessment Process

For different case studies, the checklist of manual handling risk assessment is different. Now, let us discuss the general outlook of the checklist

  1. having a clear understanding of the task
  2. Noting down the  specifications like the size of the load, weight height, the posture that are present in transfer activity
  3. Also, what are the risk factors
  4. provision of machinery and other tools that can help in covering the risk factors?
  5. In the end, Validation of the improvement is done.

Manual Handling Risk Assessment: Checklist

Here, we will discuss the checklist for preventing manual handling risks.

Activities are to be answered by a yes/no:

  • Are the loads too heavy?    Y/N
  • Is rest time given to workers enough? Y/N
  • The number of people doing one task sufficient? Y/N
  • Is the workplace too small? Y/N
  • How many times the same task needs to be performed? Y/N
  • Do the activities affect the posture of the workers? Y/N

Manual Handling Risk Assessment: Tools Required

Specifically, the tools and machinery used in manual handling are varied. Therefore, some of the tools that are used are as follows:

  • Vacuum hoist
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Fork Truck
  • Pallet Truck
  • Trolley with shelf
  • Keg Truck

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What are the other risks involved in Manual handling?

Additionally, the risk in manual handling techniques can be regarding the load, workplace setup, tools, safety, amount of physical activity involved etc. Now, in detail, whether the load is too heavy, having exposed sharp edges, the truck and the godown are at a large distance, the necessary tools for safety and the tools for shifting the load are working properly or not?

Case Study Sample for Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Now, in this paragraph, we will be undergoing a case study. Let us suppose that an employee has been asked to lift and put heavy loads worth 20 kg on racks. He has to do it manually. Then, in this case, our case study must include the following details:

  • Description of Task: The boxes that weight 20 kg each are present on the ground and the worker has to keep them on the shelf one by one.
  • Technical Details: The boxes are present on the ground and are to be kept on the shelf. The height of the shelf is more than the shoulder height of the worker. Boxes are 20 kg each, that are heavy to lift.
  • Risks Involved: The boxes are heavy to lift. The worker has to drag them first and then lift them multiple times.
  • Improvements Required: The boxes should be kept at waist height. Boxes should be kept on trolleys.

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