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QQI Level 5 Community Arts Context and Practice 5N3026 Assignment Sample 

In this assignment sample, we shall discuss the Community Arts Context Practice of the QQI Level 5 course.

The minor award to such learners of this course equips them with skills, knowledge, competence, and efficiency in their work. Such competency is achieved at work by utilizing a range of art practices and creativity under the direction and supervision of the community arts context.

QQI Level 5 Community Arts Context and Practice 5N3026 Assignment Sample 

Course Title – Community Arts Context and Practice 

Code – 5N3026

Level – 5

Purpose of Community Arts Context and Practice Course

The purpose of this course is to make the learners much more skillful, confident, and competent by introducing various art tools and production of art techniques within a range of community and youth work contexts.

The core principle of this course is to contribute to social and personal development. Successful completion of this course makes the learner capable to shift from one programme to another which can provide higher or other certificates. This component is considered mandatory to lead to other certificate programmes.

Learning Outcomes of Community Arts Context and Practice 5N3026

  • Learners will learn to describe the core principles and characteristics of community arts practices and community arts approaches.
  • They will also learn to define the roles and interests of stakeholders in community arts at regional, local, national, and international levels.
  • It will help them to define the key elements of small group development in the community context and its implications in community arts work.

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It shall also explain the role of the art workers in community arts contexts which will help them to draw comparisons between general workers and arts workers.

  • This course shall promote and contrast the creativity level of the individual, their collaboration, and creativity at work in groups in the community arts context.
  • Display and demonstrate the practices of health and safety, handling of art materials, and interaction among the group members as an arts worker.
  • Learning to compare the cultural, historical, social, and economic factors which are responsible for the development of community arts and development of the community.
  • Learners can also evaluate their own roles and responsibilities in relation to participation in projects of community arts under the guidance and supervision of a supervisory worker.
  • They can express their own unique level of creativity through a range of materials and media.
  • Learners can demonstrate their ability to utilize a variety of natural and man-made materials for the purposes of community arts through creativity.
  • They can learn to work effectively under the supervision and in collaboration with others. It helps them to learn to design, create, develop, record, complete and evaluating of arts projects in the community.
  • They learn to take up their own responsibility of learning to use certain information to plan and develop investigation strategies within an environment. It helps them in devising solutions for the issues which are unfamiliar by nature.
  • Learners take an initiative for carrying out any independent activities within different types of groups whether complex or multiple.

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Assessment Techniques of Community Arts Context and Practice 5N3026 

The assessment techniques are decided in accordance with the programme assessment strategy which is developed as a part of programme submission for validation.

Assessment must be set out by considering the competence and knowledge of the learners. But in exceptional circumstances providers can give alternative assessment techniques for the programme validation which are reliable and valid and appropriate to their context.

A number of components must be assessed and integrated across the programmes for the delivery of the learning outcomes. Providers will have to submit Assessments Plans which shall include some of the information relating to scheduling and integration of the assessment.

For the demonstration of learners’ knowledge, skills and competence the learning outcomes need to be assessed by completing the required assessments.

An assessor is responsible for devising the instruments of assessment for example projects and assignment briefs, exam papers, and marksheets. All learning outcomes must be assessed according to the minimum intended learning outcomes set in this programme.

The Project shall comprise 60% of the assessment evaluation and the Portfolio or Collection of Work shall comprise of rest 40% of the assessment evaluation.

The project is carried out for a certain extended period of time which is already fixed prior. It involves a process of extensive research on topics, issues or problems. It can involve a process of task design and practical execution of tasks or performance.

A portfolio or Collection of Work is a collection of work which is in the form of pieces produced by the learner over a certain period of time providing a clear picture of the learning outcomes of the learners. Such collection may be self-generated or in response to the range of activities devised by the assessor.

Grading system




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The above-written assignment sample is written on Community Arts Context and Practice Course 5N3026.

Community Arts Practice FETAC Level 5, Arts and Culture QQI Level 6, Advanced Art and Design QQI Level 6, Component Specification Arts and the Community QQI Level 6, Community Development QQI Level 5 students can read this assignment sample to gain a better understanding of this course.

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