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Irish essay on sport

The students in the senior cycle are upcoming the end of their time in secondary school. The senior cycle helps the students to address their present needs and help them to stand out in a changing social context. The main objective of the Leaving Certificate Physical Education is to develop the student’s capacity to become a skilled and informed performer.

The curriculum enhances the understanding and knowledge of the students to undertake various roles in physical activities. Additionally, the students can understand the role of sports in the cultural and social life of Ireland.

Irish essay on sport

Sports are extensively regarded as a vital cultural aspect in Ireland. Generally, the ability of sports to unite various sections of society is crucial for both national and entertainment consistency. The learning outcomes of studying sports as a Leaving Certificate subject provide a comprehensive learning experience for the students in the senior cycle. Gaelic is one of the critical sports forms in Ireland that involves hurling and football. Various other sports are played by Irish people, which include rugby, soccer, and tennis.

What is the impact of sports on the social lives of people?

The significance of Gaelic in uniting people in Ireland is a well-recognized fact, which can be evidenced in Gaelic sports participation.

  • Sports help in uniting people together from the different regions of the country. For example, people from all over the nation come together to attend the national rugby events. Thus, the process helps in uniting people.
  • It helps in keeping people healthy and fit. Additionally, it promotes the amusement and mutual welfare of working as a team. It encourages a culture where hard work plus the efforts of the players lead to success.
  • Sports are good for people’s sense of well-being, for a national sense of purpose, and for the economy as well.
  • In Ireland, sports have been acknowledged to improve social courses such as sensitization movements against social ills.
  • Sports help raise funds and some sports are highly directed to arrange projects aimed at helping the poor. Thus, sports are crucial in helping Irish citizens to get unite and fight off national evils.

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What role sports can play in society?

Politics: Because of the numerous social as well as health benefits, the Government of Ireland is keen to enhance sports participation. Whether it is about developing sports science or presenting major events, the government wants to exploit sports potential. The success of the athletes not only boosts the reputation of the country but also encourages its image internationally. As a result, it promotes tourism to Ireland for sports tournaments around the world.

Business: Sports clubs such as Shenzhen Celts Gaelic Football Club in Ireland help people to share ideas, network, and build professional connections. The participation of Irish people in physical activity helps in reducing the cost of healthcare services. As a result, it encourages business in Ireland. Investing in sports activities is like investing in future growth. It provides a certain platform where Irish people can contribute to an environment where there is a preparedness to pay things forward. Sports help in encouraging trust between people and thus stimulate business.

Media: The victory of the country at the international level in sports is a matter of reputation and fame. At a recreational level, the long-term health benefits of sports go beyond words. Generally, sports have two main objectives, the first is to account for leading sports and keep Ireland competitive internationally and the second is to encourage healthier lifestyles.

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Sample essay on sports

Title: Which sports is most popular in Ireland?

Among the other sports, Gaelic sports have been acknowledged for their part in uniting the Irish nationals. The existence of Gaelic sports in Ireland dates for tens of centuries and it was once referred to as Caid. Gaelic football is the most reliable and famous sport among Irish nationals. It is because this sport characterizes the traditions and culture of Irish people. Since its formalization by the Gaelic Athletic Association, this game has become most attended sports.

Though Gaelic football is played at an unskillful level, it has an ability to elevate the livelihood of players through sponsorship. In many cases, many players participate in a volunteering basis for fun and entertainment.

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