Essay sample on housekeeping principles and procedures

The general principles of housekeeping include cleanliness of the windows, furniture, dusting, and removing garbage. Having a clean and hygienic environment helps in preventing the illness as well as reduces the related stress causing issues. Housekeeping means routine maintenance that saves time in the long run and provides a suitable environment of living. The housekeeping staff and workers need to maintain or execute the cleaning tasks at various places like hotels, resorts, or other workplaces.

The areas in which sanitation is must such as bathrooms and kitchens require daily principles of housekeeping. The most crucial task of housekeeping is cleaning as well as maintaining guest rooms in the hotels. By following the general principles and procedures of housekeeping, the staff can contribute to the cleanliness and hygiene maintenance. Thus, it is vital for the staff to structure the procedures of housekeeping appropriately.

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What is the meaning of housekeeping?

Housekeeping refers to the act of cleaning the furnishing and rooms properly. It is one of the integral parts involved in the term housework. The general activities included in housekeeping are cleaning dirty surfaces, disposing of rubbish, dusting, maintaining hygiene, and vacuuming. Apart from it, some outdoor chores are also included such as washing windows, rain gutters, seeping doormats, and many more.

Housekeeping is a generally used term for the removal of unnecessary or unwanted materials and managing serious hazards. There are two types of housekeeping:

  • Institutional housekeeping: This type of housekeeping is applied to the housekeeping maintenance in commercial accommodations like resorts, hotels, apartelle, and many more.
  • Domestic housekeeping: This type of housekeeping refers to the housekeeping maintenance in a home. It covers the major areas of the home such as kitchen, bedrooms, grounds, receiving areas, and the other surrounding areas.

What are the general principles of housekeeping?

Hygiene principles:

  • It indicates that the worker should carry out the cleaning procedures effectively and in a proper sequence such as sweeping, dusting, cleaning, disinfecting, and then air freshening.
  • While cleaning or polishing, the individual should take care of the damage and proper protection of the materials.
  • The workers must take off the proper precaution while handling equipment, detergents, cleaning tools, and guest luggage as well.

Safety principles

  • It is beneficial for the workers to protect their bodies from harmful chemicals by wearing thick gloves and other protective equipment.
  • To reduce the chances of slipping, the housekeeping workers should clean the spilled liquids instantly.
  • While disposing of, transporting, or refilling the containers, the housekeeping workers should handle chemicals safely.
  • It is beneficial for the workers to wear close toe-non slip footwear as a safety measure while working.
  • While moving the heavy loads like furniture, it is beneficial to ask for assistance at the worksite.
  • With the help of the security department, the workers as keep the guests safe.
  • To avoid cramps, it is beneficial for individuals to use appropriate body postures.

Privacy principles:

  • The housekeeping staff should clean the premises in the minimum disturbing as well as a destructive manner.
  • It is crucial to remember that privacy, as well as the comfort of the guests, comes first. So, the staff should try their best to maintain the guest’s privacy.
  • By following the appropriate procedure, the staff should enter the guest rooms by knocking first.

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What are the general procedures of housekeeping?

  • Setting Trolley: While loading the trolley, the staff should avoid overloading as well as under-loading. It prevents the maintenance of the proper supplies that depend on the number of floor rooms.
  • Entering the guest room: It is beneficial to leave the do not disturb rooms undisturbed and knock the door before entering. In case, there is no response, do some announcements. When the guest asks politely, it becomes crucial for the staff to answer all the questions calmly and remain to relax while having a conversation with the staff.
  • Cleaning the guest room: When the housekeeping staff enters the guest room for cleanliness work, it is essential to keep the door open. It is beneficial to first assemble the furniture and place properly. The staff should inspect the pillows and bed cover whether they are in good condition or not. Dusting is a critical part and the staff should clean the inside corners of the room, TV, and much more properly.
  • Cleaning the bathroom: It includes cleaning the floors, walls, and bathtub properly. The staff should replace the bathroom dustbin and check the doormat. They can replace it if found necessary. If any damage spotted, then they should report to the supervisor.

Sample essay on housekeeping principles and procedures

Title: Why is it crucial to pay attention to housekeeping at work?

Housekeeping is not only about cleanliness. Instead, it also includes keeping the working areas neat and well-managed to prevent serious issues at the worksite. It involves maintaining floors as well as halls free of slip dangers, removing the waste materials, and many more.

Undoubtedly, effective housekeeping helps in controlling and even eliminating workplace hazards. On the other hand, poor housekeeping procedures can lead to various incidents. It is the responsibility of an individual to pay attention to the crucial details including the layout of the entire workplace, adequacy of the maintenance, and storage facilities. Good housekeeping is a significant part of the fire as well as incident prevention.

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