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Addiction refers to physical inability due to which an individual is incapable of stopping the consumption of drugs, activity, or any substance. However, addiction does not only mean that individuals depend on the intake of substances such as cocaine and heroin.

It can cause psychological or physical harm to an individual who is not able to stop the intake of a particular drug or chemical. Addiction is like a chronic disease, which can also result from the consumption of certain medications. The students can take help from a team of professional academic writers and get expert-written assignment papers in a short time.

When any person experiences addiction, they are not able to control the substance which they are taking, and they become dependent on using the addicted substance in daily life. Even an individual can suffer from behavioral addictions in which they are not able to stop involving in activities such as eating, gambling, and working. Undoubtedly, addiction can reduce self-control, and the individual addicted to any substance cannot experience independence in their life. The overuse of prescribed painkillers can become the primary cause of addiction among adults.  It is beneficial for Irish students asking can anyone write my assignment to take help from a leading writing company.

Common symptoms of addiction

  • Unable to control engagement in harmful levels of habits
  • Difficulties arising in a relationship, especially lashing out on those people who identify the cause of addiction
  • A noticeable rejection of hygiene
  • Losing interest in activities
  • Neglecting other tasks which do not involve the substance with which they are addicted
  • Uncontrollably looking for drugs
  • Reflective changes in appearance
  • Incapability to stop the use of the drug even after knowing that it can cause health problems
  • Hiding behaviors or substances

Moreover, if a person suffering from addiction stops talking about the substance, then they can experience serious health-related issues. Some of the health problems arising after stopping the intake of the addicted substance include anxiety, nausea, fatigue, tremors, vomiting, irritability, and a loss of appetite.

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How to treat addiction among adults?

With the advancement in medical science, it has become possible to manage and resolve addiction. Some effective therapies are helpful to treat individuals suffering from addiction. Some of the effective methods include:

  • Drug-based treatment
  • Medication
  • Counseling and behavioral therapy
  • Ongoing care to reduce the high risk of health-related problems
  • Efficient medical devices to treat withdrawal
  • Medical treatment related to psychological factors like depression

Undoubtedly, the treatment of addiction requires proper support from the family members of an individual. The support from the individual’s community and family is highly beneficial to overcome the addiction quickly. Addiction to any substance or behavior requires different management due too, and its treatment can be quite complicated and can take a long time as well.

Essay sample on addiction for college students of Ireland

Title: What is the difference between addiction and misuse?

Misuse is quite different from addiction, which refers to chronic dependence on any substance. The substance which gets misused does not lead to addiction; however, addiction includes the misuse of the substance. Addiction can relate to the behavior that inhibits daily activities and affect relationships. However, misuse refers to the excessive or incorrect use of body-altering substances. Addiction is the long-term incapability, which makes the person dependent on the harmful substance to perform other activities. Any individual suffering from addiction can continuously misuse the substance irrespective of its adverse effects.

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