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Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ireland Essay

In the past few years there has been a drastic increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) in Ireland. Therefore, it is obligatory to understand the causes, symptoms of STI’s and steps to avoid its spread. Hence, this article is our humble effort to spread awareness on sexually transmitted diseases that are prevailing presently in Ireland. Also, as we move further, we shall be throwing light on the methods to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections ( STI).

The changing lifestyles and the rising stress levels in today’s time have rendered people falling a prey to many different kinds of diseases. One such type of disease is the sexually transmitted infections. Generally, these occur due to the negligence of people. Mostly, the cause of STI is a bacteria which infects the reproductive organs of men and women.

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Causes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases  

As stated above, sexually transmitted diseases spread when people turn incautious. The  main causes of STI includes:

  • Having Unprotected sex
  • Genital contact with an infected person
  • Practicing intercourse with multiple partners
  • Not using condoms while performing sexual activity
  • Caused when mucus membrane breaks and is  bare
  • Any kind of injury on the sexual parts.

In most of the cases,  the bacteria and virus infects human organs like rectum, penis ( in men), Fallopian tubes in women. In certain cases throat also gets infected.

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Different Types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

The most common STI that is noticed in people in Ireland is Chlamydia which is a bacterial infection . Other sexually transmitted diseases include genital warts, gonorrhea, genital herpes, pubic lice, syphilis,HIV, scabies.

However, the facts say that in 2009 in Ireland, out of all the STI cases reported, 53.4% people were suffering from Chlamydia. Chlamydia generally happens to young people belonging to 25-30 years of age group.

How to Get Tested for STI’s?

Commonly, the urine samples, blood tests help in knowing if a person is suffering from any kind of sexually transmitted infection. Other cases include examining the discharge . However, in specific cases a cotton swab is collected from the throat or the rectum of the patient.

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What are the Symptoms?

Generally, the symptoms do not show up in the early stages. But, in the later weeks the patients suffer from pain during urination, a discharge from penis in case of men, blisters, burning sensation around the penis, discharge from the rectum etc.

The patients who know about STI, must aware their partners about this disease.


To prevent STI it is important to practice protected intercourse. Also, having multiple partners is not a good thing. In case one of the partners is having STI, sexual activity should not take place between the two. It is better to be careful than to suffer.

Also, as per the doctor’s advice if a STI patient is undergoing treatment, he/she must avoid having sex. It is a 7 day procedure and the precaution is also for a week or so.

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