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Blind man on his daily needs, physical, emotional, and spiritual

This essay is written to understand the needs of a blind person and his expectations. They also have physiological and phycological needs like any other human being. They, too, have spiritual, physical, and emotional needs daily while performing their activities.

Blind man on his daily needs, physical, emotional, and spiritual

Physical needs of a visually impaired person

  • They need to commute and transportation during working hours for traveling to their workplace or way back home. Their workplace could provide them with a cab facility and a driver to make it easy for them to travel to work.
  • Walking guidance is sometimes required for them when they want to crossroads and follow the traffic signals. Any person on the road, traffic police, or even a guide dog could help in this regard.
  • They need a walking cape or stick to make it through a blocked passage or climb up the stairs.
  • Ration or grocery shopping is another need of a blind man, even if not done daily. They need to select items from the racks in the store according to their daily needs. They might face problems irrespective of getting help from the store manager or shop owner.
  • They need to procure information in the form of books, articles, and even newspapers. But most of them are not written in the format in which they understand, which is braille format. To read a normal piece of information, they need a person to read it out to them.

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Emotional needs of a blind person 

  • Blind people who are staying away from their families or don’t have a family need emotional support. These people face an emotional backlash at so many public places. So they need friends and family for emotional support.
  • They need emotional communication in case of any feelings of anxiety, frustration, stress, or depression.
  • They have the emotional need to be accepted by society like any other normal individual. Some people often treat them differently either with pity or otherwise are looked down upon them, which affects their confidence. Society should be human and sensitive to them.
  • Such people need to be treated equally in their workplace. They don’t want to be discriminated against based on their impairment. Equal opportunities and pay for the same work are his fundamental rights.
  • The emotional need for companionship in hard times of life is also important. It could be in the form of a true friend, mentor, spouse, parents, or relative. As they can have the constant back of the person, and his personal interests could be taken care of by them.

Spiritual needs of a blind patient 

  • Spiritual needs are that satisfaction that causes a person’s spiritual growth and makes him social and hopeful. Every human being needs spirituality to help heal the wounds of grief, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, self-rejection, and shame. It makes a person feel a deep level of love, hope, self-esteem, and trust in life.
  • A blind person who needs hope in his life. His belief in a particular god or his faith must be respected by society at large.
  • A person who met with an accident and lost his eyesight may start feeling worthless. Such a person may have suicidal tendencies, anxiety, and clinical depression. He should be guided towards spirituality and knowledge. His life has changed suddenly and drastically, so, therefore, he needs to be under strict care and supervision. The doctor and staff must encourage and give hope to him for his future.

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Case study

  • An uncle of mine, who is visually impaired, lost his job in between, leaving him hopeless. His health started getting deteriorated, worsening his condition day by day, and causing him suicidal tendencies.  His friend and guide helped him to come out of the situation by guiding him toward spirituality. He became a bhakt of HareKrishna and joined the ISCKON temple organization. Gradually his mind became more stable, and he got into the path of spirituality and meditation. It changed his views about life, and he also got a new job soon.

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