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Common childhood illnesses / Diseases – Essay Sample

Every child deserves to get high-quality medical care and parents need to be aware of practical treatment guidelines. Many childhood diseases can be infectious or non-infectious to the child.

The parents must observe the contraction of communicable infections and prevent the spread of such diseases. By keeping the childhood illness, parents can observe suitable precautions to promote child growth.

Common childhood illnesses / Diseases - Essay Sample

There are some modern treatments which are helpful to eliminate childhood illness. The students of Ireland can ask to write me an essay to the team of professional academic writers.

It is crucial to recognize the illness symptoms for preventing the spread of childhood illness. Parents need to be aware of their child’s activity level, routine behaviors, and temperature.

Though it can be quite challenging to observe the symptoms of childhood illness, still a diagnosis of illness is crucial to preventing child development. The students can take help from the assignment maker of Ireland for preparing a knowledgeable report.

Some of the common childhood illness

  • Coughs

Cough, which is a common illness symptom among children, can be easily caused by a cold. Generally, the cough gets better on its own and does not require any special treatment.

However, if the child is suffering from a bad cough, then parents need to visit doctors. Moreover, if the child is having pain, fever, and discomfort, then they can take antibiotics.

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  • Sore throat

Undoubtedly, sore throats are frequent in childhood, and sometimes it can be painful. In some cases, sore throat can be caused by a simple infection called streptococcal, which requires antibiotics.

However, sore throats caused by a virus do not require any antibiotics. A child suffering from a sore throat in childhood can get better in seven to ten days.

  • Diarrhea

Most babies can have loose stools, and it is one of the significant signs that a child is suffering from diarrhea. The primary cause of diarrhea can be the intake of sugary drinks, and the parents need to visit a doctor if their child is having a stomach bug or any kind of allergy.

The most effective treatment for diarrhea is to keep the child at home and give them drinking fluids such as oral rehydration solution, and water.

  • Ear pain

Ear pain can be caused by various factors such as infection of the skin in the ear canal, ear infection, teeth pain, pressure from a cold or sinus infection. Viruses cause various ear infections, and hence the child does not require any antibiotic to treat ear pain.

The parents need to identify if the child’s ear pain is accompanied by a high fever or not. If there are other signs of illness along with ear pain, then a pediatrician can decide that an antibiotic is the best treatment.

  • Food allergies

If any of the children are having an allergic reaction to food, then parents need to contact the doctor immediately as the symptoms can get worsen. It is beneficial for parents to introduce the child to a variety of solid foods when they turn 6 months.

Before 6 months, the child does not consume foods such as eggs, nuts, fish, milk, and many more. The child should get proper nutrients in the right proportion to get better health.

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Sample report writing on a range of common childhood illnesses

Title: How to prevent practices for common childhood illness?

Hand washing is one of the crucial childhood illness prevention practices which prevent the child development. A child should wash their hands after having contact with a populated area or individuals that may be infected with the common illness.

Competent washing hands with water are the most critical element which helps remove diseases such as bacteria. Along with it, the child should cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. Parents should teach their children to follow cleanliness and healthy habits.

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