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Anarchism Impact On the Society Essay Sample Ireland

In the following essay sample, we shall cover and discuss the topic of “Anarchism’s Impact on the Society.” Firstly we must focus on the meaning of the term ‘anarchism.’ This is a radical and revolutionary political philosophy and political economy. Some definitions have been devised for anarchy by different political and anarchist thinkers.

Anarchism is the process in which the authority is replaced by the non-hierarchical structures which have many voluntary associations with human beings. Some of the key principles of anarchism are self-organization, autonomy,  freedom, voluntary associations, solidarity, egalitarianism, etc.

Anarchism Impact on Society Essay Sample

Definition of Anarchism by Peter Kropotkin

Out of the many definitions that have been formulated for the term anarchism. The definition of anarchy has also been given by Peter Kropotkin. His definition states that anarchism is the term that is used for the principal or the theory of life in which the society is not governed by the government.

The harmony and obedience in such societies can be ensured by no such authority but rather through free agreements among the various groups which are being constituted for the production and consumption and the satisfaction of the different aspirations and needs of the general public.

History and Impact of the Anarchism On Society 

Anarchy is not the capitalist economy and also not the nation-state which is not governed by the representative democracy. It is a  blend or combination of liberalism and communism. Such a society is a free society for the free individual.

This philosophy of anarchy came into existence in the middle of the 19th century when organizations can emerge without any central coordination. Such anarchism has it’s both positive and negative impacts on society. Some of the well-known anarchist thinkers are Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Peter Kropotkin, William Godwin, Emma Goldman, Mikhail Bakunin, and Max Stirner.

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Most of the anarchist principles, theories, and convictions that are mentioned above are not part of the modern invented anarchist theory rather they are as old as the human civilization. Anarchist theory is inconsistent and the concept is homogeneous just like the other political ideologies. It evolves in different ways due to different political philosophies.

William Godwin developed the theory of anarchy which stated that the state and government have a bad influence on society as they can create unnecessary dependency which takes away the freedom of the people. He openly criticized state and structural violence and stated that laws are created by the rich and powerful.

There are mainly two schools of anarchism that puts focus on the society supporting the political economy and socializing means of production which is known as social anarchism. While the concept of libertarian anarchism emphasizes freedom and individual liberty. The will of the individual is of paramount importance.

Consequences of Anarchy in the Society

  • The anarchy in the state ensures that the individual state can easily provide for its social security as it is not capable of enforcement of international law.
  • Such security under the anarchist state can only be achieved naturally through self-help that results in power maximization. It is normal behavior in the anarchist states. Such power can of the military or economy etc.
  • In such states where there is self-help and power maximization, it can normally lead to a situation of war. The war threat or situation can be the way through which the conflicting interests could easily be resolved. Such states which do resolve their conflicting interests through organized violence are responsible for the development of the internal cultures of militarism.
  • The political scientists claim that under the conditions of anarchy there is also a small threat of any large-scale war and when there is a sudden shift in the distribution of power among the states. This is known as the power transition crisis. The harsh environment in anarchy displays the non-enforcement of international law and is violently chaotic. The goal of such an anarchist state is survival and security.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Anarchy in the Society 

Some of the advantages of having anarchy in the state are:-

  • People are capable of governing themselves as there is no specific need for the government and all the important decisions are made by the general public in the free will of the state.
  • Anarchy leads to a higher level of freedom for the general public as there are no laws, rules, and regulations which are set by the government, and also there are no sanctions for complying with such rules.
  • Such a society will have no issues with paying taxes to the government that helps the people to save money and contribute sufficiently to the economy of the country and they can use this saved money for other purposes.
  • It also fills the income inequality gap or distribution between the rich and poor that shall reduce the issues of hunger and poverty.
  • This shall form the new cultural values and renewal of the system along with an introduction of a new set of social norms that would benefit the general public and the minority groups. The minority is treated equally in society due to increased intolerance.

Some of the disadvantages of a society which has anarchy are:-

  • The first issue in such a society is the lack of order in the society which leads to chaos and no security of the property of the people.
  • The local currency value may also suffer as a result of anarchy which shall reduce the investments in the country creating an economic crisis.
  • There shall be a lack of investment in education, social security, and public infrastructures and this anarchy cannot withstand in the long run.
  • Many issues are associated with the environment that cannot get resolved without the government as one needs the high investment and technology and such demand cannot be met due to the collection of no tax.
  • Anarchy can make the people in the country flee to other countries which shall lower the overall development of the country as it would lack the high skilled and qualified workers.

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The above-written essay sample is based on ‘Anarchism’s impact on the society and the various aspects related to it.

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