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BRICS Healthcare System Essay Sample

The robust economies of the world make the group BRICS. The countries are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. With consistent growth in their economies, inequality also arises. The inequality in income, inequality of accessing the services, and inequality in the healthcare system became the most concerning subject in BRICS.

Ireland students who are part of Healthcare courses and nursing studies about the healthcare system of the world and BRICS is one of the most potential groups in terms of growing economies. The growing inequality in access to medical treatment, medicines, and healthcare services concerns the international community also.

BRICS Healthcare System Essay Sample

With good medical experts, BRICS countries need to elevate their health budgets to facilitate the development of medical facilities. The researchers from Ireland universities had researched the potentiality of the BRICS in healthcare services. The students of medical and nursing are also asked to submit the assignments on BRICS healthcare coverage. As a student, if you want help in assignment writing, we have experts from Ireland healthcare who can very well analyze the situation of the health system in BRICS.

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BRICS Healthcare System

With globalization, the boundaries of the world had faded. In this scene, the complexities of the diseases also changed due to the increased transportation of people. As at present, the Coronavirus had attacked all over the world, and the origin of it was considered to be China.

Developed countries had a very well-maintained healthcare system while countries of BRICS, the developing countries need to have increased expenditure on their healthcare and hygiene systems. The government needs to spend on preventive measures to curb the diseases, while the spending on health awareness and developing healthcare systems seems very low in comparison to the developed countries.

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The BRICS countries have elevated growth rates in their pharmaceutical companies. But with rising population growth and complexities in diseases, access to healthcare services is still a concern. The government of these countries needs to increase the budget for developing the healthcare system with the growing needs of the country. The drug regulatory laws in BRICS have helped the countries to grow in the pharmaceutical industries.

There is a growing number of patents in medicines from these countries. And the regulatory policies made the test of the medicines compulsory so there is a trust factor in buying the medicines from BRICS. The regulatory framework in pharmaceuticals in BRIC countries handles the labeling, packing, and pricing. But there are not many descriptions of the adverse effects of the medicines.

The need for the Improvement

Without increasing the standard of living and imparting longevity, and malnutrition, it seems hard for the BRIC countries to combat the present diseases. To provide sufficient health care BRICS countries need to combat the challenges they feel as increasing population, poverty, and unemployment. In this scenario giving equal and affordable access to everyone for good healthcare is a tough task to do so.

In comparison to its European counterparts, BRICS has lesser availability of hospitals and physicians in the ratio of the population. Only the medicine sector like pharmaceutical is at its peak and that too needs improved regulatory systems. As BRICS countries are the growing economies of the world with a high population the burden to provide basic health facilities and affordable healthcare is high.

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