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BUU22510 Organisational Behaviour Assignment Example TCD Ireland

There’s no one right way to do things in an organization. Different people prefer different methods of communication and working, and what works for one team might not work for another. The key to a successful organization is finding the right balance of order and chaos, and accommodating everyone’s individual preferences as much as possible.

Organizational behavior is the study of how people interact within a system, and it’s a vitally important field for anyone who wants to be successful in business. By understanding organizational behavior, you can learn how to create an environment where everyone can thrive and be productive. You’ll also learn about the different types of personalities that are common in organizations, and how to deal with them effectively.

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In this unit, there are many types of assignments given to students like individual assignments, group-based assignments, reports, case studies, final year projects, skills demonstrations, learner records, and other solutions given by us.

In this section, we are describing some activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Define organizational behavior and describe how it impacts personal, team, and organizational success

Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of how people interact within a business system. It studies how employees, teams, and organizations behave and react to each other. Organizational behavior looks at the environment in which we work and tries to understand what motivates individuals and teams (for example: changing team dynamics, managing conflict, and dealing with diversity).

Organizational behavior has a significant impact on personal, team, and organizational success.

  • Personal success is about achieving your own goals and influencing change. Conflict can prevent you from doing this to the best of your ability. By learning how to deal with conflict, you will be better equipped to achieve personal success.
  • Team success depends on everyone in the team understand each other, sharing responsibility for tasks, and working well together towards a common goal. Organizational behavior studies the dynamics of team-working and how teams interact with each other. Understanding this can help you to become a better team member or even manager.
  • Organizational success is achieved when an organization meets its objectives efficiently and effectively. Organizational behavior looks at organizational structure, culture, leadership styles, decision-making processes, and management skills. Understanding how they all work together can help you become a more productive member of an organization.

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Assignment Activity 2: Discuss management challenges in the context of OB

Organizational behavior can help managers deal with some of the challenges that they face in the workplace. OB looks at how people think and behave under certain conditions, and helps you to see your team members as individuals rather than part of a group. It also makes it easier for you to keep an open mind about different ways of doing things, and to be more flexible in accommodating different personalities.

The management challenges in the context of Organisational Behaviour can be broadly classified into three categories- individual behavior, group dynamics, and organizational culture.

  • Individual behavior: Different people have different preferences, and understanding employee preferences can help managers to give them the kind of environment that would suit them best. There are different personality types in an organization and OB helps managers understand these better.
  • Group dynamics: Some groups work well together while others don’t; when you understand the group dynamic it is easier for you to manage the group.
  • Organizational culture: Organisations set out their own rules and norms for behaving within that organization. Organizational behavior makes it easier for managers to understand these norms, or fit in with them if they don’t suit them.

Assignment Activity 3:  Identify tools that are useful for analyzing individual, group, and organization level behaviors and performance relevant issues

The tools that are useful for analyzing individual, group, and organization level behavior and performance-relevant issues can be classified into three broad areas:

Personality Based Tools

  1. The DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness) test is used to identify the behavioral style of an individual in a certain situation. This can help managers understand their employees better, or develop training programs that suit different types of people.
  2. Kirton Adaption-innovation inventory is an assessment of behavioral style. The test identifies whether an individual prefers to use either the ADAPT or INNOVATE methods, and helps managers understand how people respond in different situations.
  3. Projective techniques are used to project what someone might do in a certain situation, without being accused of coercion or judgment. This helps you to understand the behavior of people in conflict-related situations.

Situation based tools

These include personality assessments, observational skill tests, and role-play tools.

  1. Personality Assessments predict how someone will behave in a specific situation by giving insights into their personality type. For example, the 16 personality factor questionnaire helps to identify whether a person prefers extroversion or introversion, and can be used as a predictor of job performance.
  2. Observational skill tests help you understand the behavior of people in certain situations by analyzing their body language, tone of voice, and other non-verbal clues. For example, The Art of Voice gives you an insight into the way people communicate, and how you can respond to them most effectively.
  3. A Role-play tool is a tool that helps managers understand different behavioral styles by getting individuals to play different roles in a conflict or crisis. A common role-play scenario might be “How would you handle a customer who comes into your establishment and is abusive?”

Business Processes & Contextualisation of the workplace tools

There are several tools that managers can use to understand how people behave in different situations, including 360 assessments, behavior mapping, and management simulations.

  1. 360 assessment is a questionnaire designed to give insight into the behavior of an individual in their role and work environment. It helps managers understand whether a person is effective in a particular situation by identifying behavioral strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Behavior mapping is a technique that helps managers understand how different people behave within a workplace, and how it affects the overall cultural norms of the organization. For example, you can use this technique to identify the norms within a team by receiving feedback from each member.
  3. Management simulations are workshops that measure the effectiveness of key behaviors in business performance. Managers can use data gathered from these workshops to create action plans for improvement, or simply identify “best practices”.

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Assignment Activity 4: Critically analyze and assess OB issues at the individual, group, and organization levels

Several different Organisational Behaviour issues can affect employees at the individual level, group level, and organization level.

Some of the most common individual-level issues include:

  1. Lack of motivation can impact job performance and happiness within the team or organization.
  2. Unrealistic expectations by managers or leaders may cause tension in the workplace.
  3. Differences between people’s values, beliefs, and perspectives, can be exacerbated by conflict in the workplace.
  4. Personal development opportunities can be hindered by poor management of workloads and time constraints.
  5. Poor work-life balance can affect the health and well-being of employees in their personal life, as well as their performance at work.

Some of the most common group-level issues include:

  1. Conflict with other teams or departments can impact relationships between teams and the efficiency of the organization as a whole. For example, if there is a conflict between your team and another team within your organization, they may not work together effectively to achieve business outcomes.
  2. Poor communication can lead to miscommunication and inaccurate information shared between employees. For example, if people within the team are not sharing information, then it will be difficult for them to work together effectively towards shared goals.
  3. Lack of co-operation can lead to inefficiencies within the organization. For example, if employees within the team are not working together to achieve shared outcomes, then it could lead to delays in projects or increase time pressure on certain tasks.

Some of the most common organizational-level issues include:

  1. A lack of strategic direction can impact business growth and financial performance. For example, if managers are unclear about objectives or goals, then employees may not know how to prioritize tasks and work towards shared outcomes.
  2. Vision mismatch can result in tension between different levels of management as well as emotions such as frustration and disillusionment. For example, if managers have a clear vision but the rest of the organization does not believe in that vision or is not on board with the plan, then employees may feel frustrated. If managers are not on board or motivated by the vision, they may lack the energy to push for its implementation.
  3. Lack of trust between employees and management can impact motivation levels within the organization as well as employee satisfaction. For example, if employees do not trust their bosses, they may find it difficult to work effectively with them. If employees lack motivation, they may perform below expectations and be less productive.
  4. Unclear roles within the organization can lead to inefficiencies as well as frustration if people are performing tasks that others should be doing (and vice versa). For example, if employees do not know what their responsibilities are and to who they should be reporting, it can lead to delays in projects and confusion at times.
  5. Strategic goals that are not aligned with the goals of individual departments or teams, may cause conflict or tension within the organization. For example, if managers have different agendas as a result of competing for departmental goals, they may not feel like there is enough support to achieve shared outcomes.

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Assignment Activity 5: Demonstrate an ability to provide recommendations to management in response to OB analysis and assessment

  1. After conducting an organizational behavior analysis and assessment, it is clear that the organization is experiencing some challenges with communication. Based on this information, I would recommend that the organization invest in additional training for all employee’s ineffective communication strategies. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that misunderstandings are minimized.
  2. The analysis also indicates that there may be some issues with employee motivation. To address this, I would recommend implementing a rewards and recognition program for employees who demonstrate exemplary work performance. This will not only motivate employees to do their best, but it will also show them that the organization values their contributions.
  3. Finally, the assessment reveals that there is a lack of trust among employees who appear to believe that managers are acting in their own best interest and not the company. To address this, I would recommend additional management training to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them as well as the consequences should they fail to meet those expectations.

In conclusion, OB analysis and assessment are essential for understanding the strengths and opportunities of an organization as well as its weaknesses and challenges. As a result, it is important to address issues that may be preventing the organization from reaching its full potential.

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