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Strategies for the HR to comply with General Data Protection Regulations Essay Sample Ireland

Laws in Ireland such as the General Data Protection Regulations came into effect on the 25th of May 2018. If you are in Ireland and involved in a business that processes data then this regulation (GDPR) impacts you.

If you breach this regulation then you may have to pay heavy penalties. The penalties can take the form of fines of up to 20 million pounds.

Strategies for the HR to Comply with General Data Protection Regulations Essay Example Ireland

In this essay, the readers and the online audience can know the different steps that form human resource strategies to comply with General Data Protection Regulations.

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HR Strategies for complying with the general data protection regulations

This section of the essay focuses on the different strategies that HR of a company requires following to comply with the general data protection regulations.

Awareness about GDPR

GDPR is often pertinent in some areas of a business and not all. Therefore, moves towards compliance with these regulations must be done in consultations with senior professionals of a company. Those areas that cause compliance issues are required to be detected first.

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Set up frameworks for corporate accountability

GDPR wants business organizations to comply with it by doing proper documentation. In this regard, the HR persons or team require to prepare lists of the personal data that it holds.

The HR department of a company needs to address the type of personal data that it is holding, the reasons for holding such data, the location of the data, how and with whom such data is shared, the security of the data, and the length of retention of the data.

The inventory tools that deal with such personal data need to be such that it allows the HR persons to update the information as and when required.

Review policies and privacy notices

A business needs to review policies and privacy notices before complying with the GDPR. While doing such a review it is important to find out the gaps that are there between the data that is collected and the data processing that happens within the business organization.

As per GDPR norms, it is important to provide information about the legal basis for processing data, the period of retention, and information about individual rights that are there as per GDPR.

Making sure that the business setup can deal with staff requests

Yet another strategy that the company HRs in Ireland adopt to comply with the GDPR is to make sure that the company business setup can process staff requests.

The HR should be in a position to locate and retrieve personal data if requested and they should be in a position to delete the data if required. It is also important for HR to address data portability requests.

Plan to deal with various data accessing requests

A business organization needs to process data access requests in the shortest possible time.

It is also vital to understand and plan the data access requests and then alter the procedures so that they include added information as per the regulation.

Understand the legalities that are involved as part of data processing

Yet another strategy that helps the company HRs to comply with GDPR is to comprehend the legalities that are associated so far as data processing is concerned.

It is important to address the type of data processing that has to be handled. It is also important to understand whether such data processing requires consent or whether it can be handled without any consent but legitimately.

If it is required to obtain consent then one has to be sure that the documents that are required for consent are adequate. It is also important to make sure that the consents are freely given without any coercion, fraud, undue influences, mistakes, or misrepresentations.

Putting a breach of data response plan

There should be proper procedures and policies to make sure that the company HR responds promptly to data breaches. It is also required to notify the pertinent parties promptly in the event of data breaches.

A proper plan makes sure that the company does not have to pay a fine if there is any type of data breach. For that, the professionals associated with the company should be trained so that they know how to set up a data response plan.

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Fuse “DIPA” in various risks management processes

“DIPA” is a method that considers the potential for an initiative or a project on individual privacy. It helps businesses to understand privacy issues and also helps them to find solutions to such issues. It is important to consider “DIPA” in various risk management processes within an organization.

Accept privacy

Privacy needs to be there in products or new processing that are deployed by the human resources team.

Hire a DPO

Hiring a data protection officer is important when it comes to complying with the GDPR.

Assess relationships with the data processors

HR contractual documentation is required to be comprehensive and requires addressing different areas that are under GDPR.

Assess the security and safety of personal data

It is important to make sure that the security and safety of personal data that is available with the company HR are adequate.

Cross-border transferring

There must be a legal basis for transferring personal data across international borders. You need to address that while complying with the GDPR.

Spot lead supervisory authorities

It is important to understand the location within an organization where important decisions about data processing happen. This is vital while complying with the GDPR.

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