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Impact on the Human Resource Management and Globalised Workforce in Covid 19 Essay Sample

This essay sample shall discuss the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the human resource and workforce globally.

It will highlight the ways to mitigate concerns of human resource management and workforce by the human resource manager. It shall also discuss Amazon’s support towards its employees in this global pandemic.

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In this recent global pandemic of 2020, employees have lost their jobs due to recession, their pay has been greatly reduced along with incentives. Employees have started working from distance for the first time for a considerable period of time.

Working from home or remote working has become the general norm and work practices have become more flexible with time.

The majority of industries are affected in a negative way by Covid 19 while some of the sectors have faced a positive impact on their work culture. Like the healthcare, finance, insurance, and public administration industries.

Remote working has impacted the psychological and physical health of a person as they do not find any gap between their professional life and personal space.

Work from home has increased work stress tremendously and has reduced the ability to empathize with others. It has made cognitive tasks, learning, and growing from the experiences a challenging process for the employees dealing with stress and work anxiety.

Stress has affected the mental health of the employees but they have started accepting to work remotely as they have fear of global recession and uncertainty.

There has been a rise in the challenge of addressing issues remotely by the managers. They have to collaborate and lead their teams from a distant location which has become a common practice in the management.

In International Business Management there have been global threats in terms of its geographical location.

It is very difficult to manage the teams, international projects, to conduct virtual international work, and to do frequent international traveling for the business or job.

International human resources management has provided us vital information and knowledge of the challenges faced by the people in their work arrangements.

Methods to mitigate issues of human resource by the HR manager in Covid 19

  • Some people are generally more efficient in handling stress than the rest of the people. They manage their work better, make effective decisions, and are more adaptive to work in cross-culture.

During this global pandemic stress, the organizations must select the employees who are competent to work in the cross-culture. The employees who are tolerant towards ambiguity, have curiosity and resilience.

Managers must recruit or keep only such team members who are competent, efficient, and can give a positive contribution to the organization.

  • The virtual training programs would help the organization to reduce the ambiguity and skill to effectively collaborate and communicate across the cultures.

Any cross-cultural training helps in learning new cultural experience, tolerance, use of new technology inclusively, and learn to communicate effectively in the team or group.

Training would help the employee to be more adaptive, flexible, and mindful in every situation. It makes them nonjudgemental, teach them values and respect towards the other team members.

  • There have been many health and safety issues of employees during the pandemic. HRM plays a major role in adopting any such health policy for ensuring the smooth functioning of management.

Such health issues can be related to heavy workload, work anxiety, unreasonable long working hours, job pressure, difficulty in adjusting with time zone, no leaves, no ideal working arrangement at home can create economic uncertainty and job insecurity in future.

Human resource managers have started communicating about these health risks and concerns. They must help employees to communicate their problems by showing empathy, providing practical support for employees’ health and safety, encourage wellness resources, and must try to create flexible work arrangements.

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Ways through which Amazon is supporting its employees in the pandemic 

  • Amazon has provided a total bonus of $2.5 billion and incentives to the global teams in the year 2020.
  • They have made an expected investment of $10 billion in the year 2020 to ensure employees’ health safety in a pandemic.
  • Almost over 150 process updates have been made by Amazon to ensure new social distancing and cleaning measures in the organization.
  • Many health benefits are being provided to the employees at the workplace.
  • A provision of two weeks off has been made for the employees infected with Covid 19. Such employees shall be paid full payment for the leaves taken by them.
  • Amazon is providing personal masks, sprays, headgear, and checking temperatures across the globe.

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The above essay sample mentions the impact on employees or the workforce around the globe due to pandemic in the year 2020.

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