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Social protection response to covid 19 pandemics by Ireland Essay Sample 

This essay shall discuss the social protection provided to the people by the Irish government who have lost their jobs due to Covid 19 and are unemployed for a long time.

Most of the countries around the globe has lost jobs and even lives due to this global pandemic. In such a scenario, the government of Ireland and its agencies have the prime responsibility to care for its citizen’s health by ensuring social welfare.

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In response to the Covid 19 by keeping in mind the public health emergency welfare, new social schemes and societal welfare rules have been formulated.

Ireland has devised many such financial aid schemes for people who have lost their jobs and are unemployed for a long time due to pandemic and also have a family to support.

The social welfare payments are meant for people working from 18 to 66 years of age.

Department of Social Protection of Ireland which has made a provision for the unemployed and self-employed employees who lost their job on 13th of March or later due to Covid 19.

The protection provided to employees who are laid off or have less work

  • If an individual employee has been laid off temporarily then the employer may continue to pay the employee under the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS).

Only the employee whose name is mentioned in the Employer’s Pay Role can seek for financial aid under this scheme.

An employee who needs to look after the children at home and cannot go for work can also seek help under the EWSS scheme.

If the employee is getting paid under this scheme then there is no requirement of applying for a social welfare payment.

  • People who have lost their jobs while being in employment or self-employed resident in Ireland due to Covid 19 can avail PUP.

This Covid 19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) is meant for both temporary and permanent layoffs. A resident and registered employee can only avail of this scheme.

  • Jobseekers payment is meant for employees who have lost their jobs and have dependants in their family. Such employees can seek for higher payments from the employer.
  • Jobseekers Benefit (JB) and Job Allowance (JA) are for meant for those people who already have lost their job and have dependants in their family.

If such a dependant (spouse or a partner) is earning less than $350 per week and children are below t 18 years of age or below 22 years who are getting full-time education.

If a person or an employee is self-employed and have dependants he can seek benefits under Job Seekers Benefit (Self-employed).

  • If the number of working days of an employee is reduced due to the global pandemic he is entitled to claim under Short Time Work Support.

Such unemployment shall be for three days per week excluding the Sundays to be able to qualify for this.

If a working hour has been reduced for an employee but he continues to work for more than three days a week (instructed to work for more than the working hours) can easily qualify for the Supplementary Welfare Allowance.

An employee can avail for Short Time Work Support even if paid by the employer under the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS).

  • If an employee falls ill due to Covid 19 he can get leaves approved under ‘Enhanced Illness Benefit for Covid 19 Absences’.

Such a person is either having Covid or else has been instructed by the doctor or health service executive to self-isolate and restrict mobility and movement.

  • Such a person who has difficulty in paying rent for its accommodation can claim under Rent Supplement and Housing Assistance Payment.

It is very beneficial for the short term income support for people input the rented sector and facing difficulty in rent payment.

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Prerequisites of qualifying for Covid 19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) 

  • Such an employee must be 18 to 66 years old to avail any financial help under Covid 19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.
  • They must reside or permanent resident in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Job must have been lost due to Covid 19.
  • There must be a temporary lay off from the job.
  • A person must genuinely seek a job.
  • Such a person must have worked in the Republic of Ireland or was employed as a cross border frontier worker.
  • No receipt of income from the employer has been received.
  • Student working lost the best employment and opportunities due to covid.
  • Part-time worker.

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The above sample mentions the social protection measures by the Irish government to help people who have lost jobs or needs any financial help.

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