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Healthcare System in Ireland v/s the United States stats comparison assignment sample

The Irish students are often asked to compare and write about the different policies of Ireland and other countries. It improves the research skills of the students of Ireland with cognitive skills. There are a lot of differences between the health and illness of both countries. The student can get an online assignment helper to assist them in writing such difficult and researchable topics for their college and university assignment. We are discussing some policies and differences between the healthcare of Ireland and the United States.

Healthcare System in Ireland v/s the United States stats comparison assignment sample

Facts about Illness in Ireland v/s the United States

  • United States disburses 17.1% of its GDP on healthcare while Ireland disburses 8.9% of its GDP on healthcare systems and facilities.
  • Health care in Ireland is majorly supported by the government taxation (67%) with a small contribution from private payments (17%) and from private insurance (13%) while health care in the United States has a lower contribution from government taxation (48%) with a contribution of private payments (12%) and private insurance (35%).
  • The United States spends $8745 per capita on healthcare while Ireland spends $3890 per capita on healthcare systems and facilities. The United States is one of the largest when it comes to spending on healthcare.
  • General practitioner rates in Ireland are one of the lowest as per statistics done by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the primary care infrastructure is poor as per the European observatory on policies of heath and care.
  • Both the United States and Ireland have two-tier health care insurance public and private. Although the healthcare system in the United States is not as straightforward as Ireland consists of public, federal, and state funding.
  • In the United States, 48% of the health spending is publically funded while in Ireland it’s 68%.

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  • In Ireland people are forced to wait for a surgery appointment, the waiting time can be up to one year while in the United States in fifteen different metropolitan cities the average waiting time for surgery is 9.9 days. The average cumulative time to see a physician is only 18.5 days.
  • In Ireland private insurance allows people to be seen quicker by a doctor. While in the United States the rate of the acceptance of the patient is 76%, which means people can meet the physician and specialist without much concern about it.
  • The child care policies of the United States are better as they immunized the child when they are 12 months old and once again when they are 4 years old. While in Ireland if you want to immunize your child you need to order the vaccine and have the doctor administer it.
  • Most public health services in Ireland are free while some charges are still there in the system.
  • In the United States, the president of the country and the ruling government is responsible for the federal health service policy that is further looked at by the health and human services department. Hospitals are divided into non-profits (59%). Investor-owned (21%) and state or local government (20%)
  • Unlike Ireland, the United States has extra health care services such as minute clinics, urgent care, and minor surgery centers.
  • People who are 70 years above the age and who are below the GMS threshold are provided with free GP visit cards in Ireland. If someone has long-term diseases among the 16 listed diseases they are provided with free medication.
  • In the United States, Medicare policy is for the 65 years old or more, some younger people who have disabilities, and citizens with end-stage renal disease.

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  • Ireland has a duplicate system that takes care of the proper functioning of the public system and through the private patients can be referred to the public system with quicker access while they can charge the patient according to their rates that can be covered under an insurance policy.
  • In the USA health insurance play a major role than in Ireland as the medical payments are either from the pocket or the insurance The government health insurance services also exist but are less chosen by the people as compared to private because of the cost and services covered.
  • In Ireland, emergencies care is free of charge except for the €100 accident and emergency charges while in the United States the emergency services are very expensive and are only partially covered in the insurance.
  • According to the data of 2015, most of the population in Ireland has a GP card, drug payment scheme, medical care, long term illness scheme so almost all mostly population is covered in some scheme or another and those who are not covered have enough paying capacities to afford charges of a hospital. So in Ireland, unless you are choosing a private hospital you are fully covered by one or another scheme.
  • In the United States as the coverage is not public so it is difficult to compare it with Ireland on this basis and the private hospital is very expensive if you are not covered in health insurance.
  • The emergency services in Ireland are more affordable and the charges for an ambulance are free for the GMS patients while in the United States the emergency services are far more expensive than in Ireland, here even an ambulance can cause your debt.

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Healthcare System Comparision for Ireland & USA

So while we discussed the healthcare system and the policies of both the United States and Ireland, there are many differences and similarities between both countries. However, the implementation and imposition of the policies depend on many factors like population, politics, geography, economic, social value, time, etc. The insurance and the healthcare facilities are noted to be expensive in the United States in comparison with Ireland but it should also be acknowledged that the quality of the health care system in the United States is far better than that in Ireland.

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