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Impacts of Disabilities on Individuals and their Families Essay Sample Ireland

Disabilities are conditions that make it hard for individuals to perform certain activities.  Disabilities are conditions that make it difficult for individuals to interact either materially or socially with entities around them.

The conditions that create impairments or disabilities can be developmental, they can be intellectual, cognitive, physical, mental, and sensory or a result of a combination of more than one factor.

Impacts of Disabilities on Individuals and their Families Essay Example Ireland

Whenever a person suffers from disabilities then such things are known to impact individuals, their families as well as the society around them.

This essay helps the readers and the audience to comprehend the various psychological impacts of disabilities on individuals and their families.

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Impacts of disabilities on individuals and families

People with disabilities find it very difficult to do certain activities. Besides, these individuals also find it very hard to communicate with society and the world. Disabled persons suffer from impairments that are mostly intellectual, developmental, physical, cognitive, mental, and sensory.

They may face impairments that can be a combination of more than one impairment type. Therefore, one can say that disabled persons are comparatively very much underdeveloped than normal persons.

Also, observations suggest that if there are disabled persons in a family then the family members are at enhanced risk of growing mental health issues. Such issues can be anxiety, depressions and they can create stress on social and as well as family relationships.

This section of the essay illustrates the psychological impacts of disabilities on individuals and families.

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Impacts of disabilities on individuals

In this section, the readers and the audience get to know the impacts of disabilities on individuals. Persons with impairments and disabilities are known to face the following:-

Mental health problems lead to depressions and anxieties

Mentally disabled persons may confront with mental health issues. They can face developmental and intellectual impairments. They can also face physical, cognitive, or mental disabilities.

A person with mental disabilities may not be able to interact properly with the world. Mental disabilities often result in difficulties in learning. Mental disabilities often cause social backwardness.

On the contrary, people with physical disabilities may face mental health issues that can result in depression and anxiety.

Loss of independence and freedom

Disabled persons whether they are mentally disabled or physically disabled face loss when it comes to independence and freedom. Mentally disabled persons find it difficult to communicate with other individuals in society. And in this way, they remain disconnected and hence are more dependent on others.

Physically disabled persons also suffer from loss of independence and freedom as they also find it hard to move or communicate like normal persons in society.

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Anger and frustration for relying on other people

Individuals with mental disabilities are very much dependent on others for their daily activities. Those with cognitive disabilities may not able to express their anger and frustrations. However, individuals with physical disability issues may also have to rely on others and that often leads to anger and frustrations that they express.

Other practical issues of Disabilities in Individuals and their Families

People with physical or mental disabilities may experience a range of other practical problems and they include transportation problems, finding it hard to engage in the activities of their choice and preferences, and accessing different parts within a building or an apartment.

Impacts of disabilities on families

This section of the essay focuses on the different impacts of disabilities on the families of the disabled.

Enhanced risks of growing mental health issues

Research suggests that families of individuals with disabilities are at augmented risk of developing mental health issues. Such disabled persons may face anxiety and depression.

Stress on family and social relationships

The families of disabled persons may suffer from increased stress. And because of such stress, the family as also the social relationships can get adversely affected.

The feeling of shame, anger, guilt

Whenever there is a disabled person within a family then the family members often suffer from stages like shock, depression, denial, guilt, shame, and anger. Such family members are often seen as not able to make decisions properly. They may seem to accept their status within the society.

Because of the disabled members that are there in the family, they try their best to live peacefully in the society, avoiding arguments and quarrels with other persons within the society.

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Social and economic issues

If a family has disabled members then it has to take care of them. The family is obliged to pay attention to such members. These things create economic issues due to the lowering of the earning members within the family. The presence of disabled persons within a family can also create social issues.

To know more about the various impacts of disabilities on individuals and their families visit relevant resources that are available online.

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