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QQI Level 5 Empowering the Individual 5N1749 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example, we shall discuss in detail the 5N1749 Empowering the Individual QQI Level 5. We shall discuss learning outcomes in the elaboration and the assessment techniques used for assessment evaluation of the learners.

The purpose of the minor award is to make the learners efficient and competent to empower persons with intellectual disabilities in their day-to-day lives and activities. It is to facilitate these disabled people to make their own choices and personal goals and support needs. The QQI component of the course module has 15 credit values in the (NFQ) National Frameworks of Qualifications.

5N1749 Empowering the Individual QQI Level 5 Assignment

Course Title – Empowering the Individual
Award Type – Minor
Code – 5N1749
Level – 5
Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 5N1749 Empowering the Individual QQI Level 5 Course

Intellectual disability is a term that is used for the person who lacks in their cognitive skills and functions and also their self-care and welfare skills. This makes the child with special needs grow very slowly in comparison to the other normal children. A person or an individual after the successful completion of this course module shall be able to plan and support such differently-abled people and to develop their personal profile.

We shall cover the major learning outcomes in this following sample assignment.

These are the learning outcomes of the 5N1749 Empowering the Individual QQI Level 5 assignment solution:-

Defining the Process of a Person Centred Planning 

The learners after the delivery of the course program shall be able to outline processes and steps for a person-centred planning approach.

Person-centred planning is a set of approaches that are designed especially to approach individuals with learning and developmental disabilities where they are helped and assisted to plan their own life and provide with adequate support. It requires facilitation and problem-solving skills along with thinking skills and communication techniques which are used for the development of a person-centred plan.

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For developing a framework for such a plan beliefs are considered to be of utmost importance along with mutual respect, dignity, inclusion, equality, empowerment, choice, and independence.

Important steps that are included in person-centred planning are:-

  • Get ready to prepare for a person-centred plan.
  • Alignment and putting together a person-centred plan.
  • Putting the person-centred plan into action or execution of the plan.
  • Finding out if this person-centred plan is working or not.

Learners shall be asked to develop a suitable person-centered plan for a person with an intellectual disability by considering his needs, beliefs, and social background. This shall be presented in the project work which provides details about the process of the person-centered plan developed by them.

Supporting Person with the Intellectual Disability to Help Developing their Personal Profile 

Students of this course module shall be able to support persons with intellectual disabilities with the help of other team members to be able to identify their preferences and goals. They can add such a plan in the project to work on the ways to support a person with intellectual disability in developing their personal profile.

The first step is the identification of such a person. He shall be able to identify with himself, his strengths, and his weaknesses. With the aid of a supportive hand, the person with an intellectual disability can identify their gifted talent and uniqueness. Such support is for the personal training and enhancement of such individuals.

Such people with additional needs can easily recognize their hobbies, interests, and passions with the help of support. They can master these skills and hobbies with support which can improve the quality of their lives and shape their personality.

Learners should be able to identify with skills, talents and resources to help people with intellectual disabilities to develop their personal profiles.

Outlining how Mental Health Services can Empower Individuals with an Intellectual Disability 

The learners shall be able to outline and identify how mental health services can empower individuals with intellectual disabilities. A Mental Health Services for Adults with Intellectual Disability is a multi interdisciplinary team where the professionals are experienced and trained which helps them to treat individuals with special needs.

They are supported by providing a mental health assessment and an intervention. Primary care, disability services, and community mental health services provide health and social care to them. Such a person after mental health improvement can be discharged to primary care with a recovery plan.

Mental health services in Ireland are moving and towards a specialist multidisciplinary team in the community with various models of care and service. The National Disability Authority in Ireland was established with National Disability Authority Act (1999). It states the function of authority to support and facilitate the development and implementation of standards for programs and services for intellectually disabled persons.

How the mental health services can empower the individuals who are suffering from an intellectual disability must be discussed in an assignment brief which shall be produced by the learners.

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Outlining the Communication Barriers and Ways to Overcome these Barriers for Persons with Intellectual Disability 

The communication style varies from one individual to another with an intellectual disability. An effective communication strategy or technique needs to be adopted to empower the individuals and provide quality healthcare service to them.

Some of the communication barriers of people with intellectual disabilities are poor articulation skills, autism and behavior challenges, lack of education and confidence, and inability to read and write. The ways for overcoming such barriers to communication with persons with intellectual disabilities are:-

  • Talking to these persons with special needs in a similar vocal tone as they speak. The language must be easy to understand and for apprehension.
  • Devising the very important communication strategies for persons with disabilities.
  • The body language, posture of sitting, facial expressions, and gestures must be appropriate so that they do not feel intimidated.
  • Ask the person for assistance and to allow him to make his personal choice and not force him to take any external help.

Learners must be instructed to make an assignment brief on the various communication barriers and ways to overcome them for the persons with additional needs.

Assessment Techniques for 5N1749 Empowering the Individual QQI Level 5 Course

To display the skills, competence, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved the learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which need to be inconsistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation
Project – 60%
Assignment – 40%

(Two assignments need to be submitted for the assessment evaluation.)

  • Project is carried out for a certain extended period of time which is already fixed in prior. It involves a process of extensive research on topics, issues or problems. It can involve a process of task design and practical execution of tasks or performance.
  • Assignment is meant for a shorter period of time, unlike the Project which is being carried out for a specific period of time. It is made in response to a brief with specific guidelines.

Grading System
Pass -50%-64%
Merit -65%-79%
Distinction -80%-100%

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The above-written assignment example is based on the 5N1749 Empowering the Individual QQI Level 5 course module.

Special Needs Assistant QQI Level 6, Equality and Disability QQI Level 5, Healthcare Support QQI Level 5, Nursing Studies QQI Level 5, Intellectual Disability QQI Level 5, Disability Awareness QQI Level 6 students can read and relate to this sample assignment to enhance their skills in writing and research.

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