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Theoretical Models of Disability Essay Sample

Theoretical Models of Disability Essay Sample 

Theory or model of disability these words can be used interchangeably in place of each other. Following essay sample will highlight on the various theoretical models of disability and it’s types and relevance.

To start with a discussion on models of disability we first need to have a clarity about the meaning or definition of disability. A disability is a bodily impairment which makes the performance of certain tasks or activities difficult or impossible for the disabled person. It restricts the complete participation of a disabled person.

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Disability can be of physical and intellectual disability which could be either temporary or permanent in nature. Physical disability restricts the physical completion of tasks. While an intellectual learning disability includes incapability of reading, writing, listening, motor skills etc as a result of difficulty in perception of language, skills and knowledge.

This essay shall help the  students in understanding the theories of disability, importance of disability theories, physical and learning disabilities, social model of disability, theories of physical disability, sociological theories of disability, types of disabilities etc.

The various models or theories of disability 

There are various theoretical model of disability on the basis of various external factors influencing the disability of a person. It helps in understanding the impact and functioning of disability. The various models of disability are the following :-

(1) The Medical Model of Disability 

This medical model of disability is a physical disability of a person, which is caused due to disease, bad health condition and trauma or anxiety due to accident that needs medical attention and care.

Medical treatment and care is of utmost importance for any health care policy of any health care unit.

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(2) The Social Model of Disability 

Disability can be treated and cured by the various social factors of the society through a social model. It is not only a disability of an individual but of a society at large.

Social factors influence the social environment surrounding a person with disability. Society at large is responsible for carrying out any social action and for management of any social problem. It allows active participation of disabled people in the social life.

Social behaviour, social values,  culture and social environment of disabled people is taken into consideration whenever there is a need for a major social change in the society.

(3) The Minority Model of Disability 

This model adds onto the social model of disability. It makes a minority social group of people with disability experience a social life irrespective of any grounds. (Sex, race, caste, religion, orientation etc). The idea of belongingness of a particular class or minority social community is taken care of under this model. It helps them to share values and exchange experience of disability.

(4)The Moral Model of Disability 

This model refers to the people with disability are morally responsible for their own impairment. It follows the fundamental principles of religion and Karmic law of Hindus. It follows the principle of evil and sin of Christianity.

(5) The Economic Model of Disability 

The disability of a person cannot help in contribution to the economy and active participation at work. It also affects the productivity level of the employees and causes a financial crisis or pressure on the state’s economy. It creates a low profit margin for employers and less economic contribution to state.

(6) The Social Adapted Model of Disability 

A person with disability may have his own physical limitations but the social and environmental factor plays a much important role in restricting the potential of a disabled person.

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(7) The Empowering Model of Disability 

It allows the disabled person and his family to make conscious decision to choose his own course of treatment for disability. The focus of this model is to medically guide the patient with health choices and treatment.

This empowering model empowers the person with disability to have individual goals and objectives. They consciously decide to benefit from a particular treatment or not and hence not forced to get themselves treated as their opinions and choices are respected.

(8) The Identity Model of Disability 

Identity model is a form of social model of disability. It helps disabled person in understanding themselves and identify to have a self awareness of their situation that it is mostly a socially constructed situation. They must associate their physical identity as a positive identity in the society and not a reason of shame or embarrassment.

(9) The Expert Model of Disability 

An expert or a professional person will follow a standard medical procedure for treatment of impairment of a disabled person to improve his medical condition. It is an authoritative and a service providing model.

(10) The Affirmation Model of Disability 

This model includes positive social model and identities, both at an individual and group level for people with disability so that they can share their life experience. It is built on the liberatory imperative of social model.

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Above essay sample is written with the purpose to highlight upon the models and theories of disability, social model of disability, theories of physical disability and types of models in disability etc..

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This sample could also be read along with The Disability Act 2005, The Equal Status Act 2000 (disability), The Employment Equality Act 1998 (disability as a ground of employment discrimination) , types of disabilities, promotion of disablity awareness, intellectual disability, Auditory Processing Disorder etc.

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