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Early Exhaustive Behavioral Interventions in Autism Spectrums Disorders Essay Sample Ireland

Autism Spectrums Disorders is a medical condition that adversely affects brain development.

The disease impacts how a person socializes or perceives others. In short, it can be said that the disease causes issues in communication or social interactions. The disorder also incorporates limited as also repetitive behavioural patterns.

Characteristics of autism include issues in communicating with others, repetitive body movements and actions, and disparities in one’s abilities. There are many other attributes of this medical condition.

Early Exhaustive Behavioral Interventions in Autism Spectrums Disorders Essay Example Ireland

As of the day, there are no cures or therapies that are available which can treat the different symptoms of the disease properly. This is a write-up that highlights the significance of early exhaustive behavioural interventions as far as Autism Spectrums Disorders are concerned.

Early Intensives Behavioral Interventions

Autism is not an uncommon medical disorder. There are many symptoms of Autism. Patients suffering from this medical condition face difficulties in interacting with others and they exhibit repetitive body movements and have disparities in their abilities of the patients.

These symptoms can’t be cured by therapies or treatments. However, one can try to lessen the impact of the symptoms that are associated with the disease. Evidence suggests that exhaustive behavioural interventions enhance the skills and functional behaviours of kids with this medical condition.

Therefore, it can be said that EIBI is a teaching approach that aims to minimize the impact that is caused by the medical condition (Autism).

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Materials and Methods associated with EIBI

In the previous section, it is discussed that EIBI is a teaching approach that aims to lessen the impact of the medical condition (Autism). This section of the essay discusses the materials and structures that are related to EIBI.

In this context, it is relevant to add that EIBI or Early Intensives Behavioral Interventions is very much rooted in the concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA.

The fundamental components of EIBI are as follows:-

Particular training programs that are referred to as distinct trial training

The utilization of 1:1 adult child in the initial stages of treatments

The implementation of the training programs that are part of the EIBI is executed at schools, and homes using settings like 20-40 hours weekly, and such training is imparted to kids aged between 1-4 years.

EIBI is carried out under the direction and guidance of qualified personnel using procedures that are recommended. For treating patients suffering from Autism a treatment manual is followed.

Such a treatment manual features the scope as also the sequence of activities that are part of the treatment. The teaching process is usually 1 to 1 and in a very structured environment preferably in schools or at home. The programs that are part of the EIBI are developed as per the requirements of the patient.

There are mechanisms of teaching that the trainer has to follow to address the issues that meddle with the kid’s learning process. Autistic kids suffer from cognitive issues, difficulties in communicating and interacting, and therefore the teaching mechanism that are part of the EIBI are set to address these issues.

While imparting training using EIBI the assistance of the parent or guardian is sought and this facilitates the trainer to manage, implement or assist in treatment delivery as also planning. The intervention strategies that are part of the EIBI incorporate a set of techniques like modelling, the utilization of self-management, and planning.

Outcomes of EIBI

The Early Intensives Behavioral interventions are meant for positive outcomes. This section of the write-up focuses on the outcomes of EIBI. Studies revealed that EIBI use has led to the reduction of the seriousness of symptoms associated with the medical condition in context.

Many patients using these interventions have acquired skills and gained IQ partially. The primary outcomes of this training mechanism (EIBI) have led to the improvement of adaptive behaviour and diminished seriousness of the symptoms associated with the medical condition.

Secondary outcomes of the EIBI have led to improvement of social as also communication skills, cognitive skills, and quality of life among the patients suffering from the medical condition. Therefore, it can be said that EIBI is an effective treatment for kids who are diagnosed with ASD and are suffering from it.

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Limitations on the use of EIBI

EIBI is a particular type of behavioural intervention that proves to be highly effective in treating patients suffering from ASD by lessening the symptoms that are associated with the medical condition. Decisions about the utilization of EIBI treatments must be made in a case-by-case manner.

The evidence that supports the utilization of this treatment mechanism is very limited and the providers are very much aware of that.

Certain variables may affect the outcomes of the treatments and these variables include the kid which is being treated, the dosage and duration of treatments, the staff that is associated, the hours of supervision, and the intervention settings.

Families who avail of EIBI treatments also require availing additional services that cater to residual symptoms of the medical conditions like occupation therapy, speech therapy, and music therapy.

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