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Intellectual Disability FETAC Level 5 Assignment Sample

In this essay, we will study the meaning of Intellectual disabilities and the effect’s having an intellectually disabled child on a family through a case study. The term Intellectual Disability (ID) is getting popular in recent times in the UK/IRELAND areas.

This essay will contain an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion about Intellectual Disability. This essay will be helpful for students to gain knowledge on this topic.

Intellectual Disability FETAC Level 5 Assignment Sample


What is intellectual disability?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), intellectual disability is defined as

“The reduced ability to understand and to learn or apply new skills. This, therefore, results in a reduction of ability to cope with the environment which begins in childhood and have a lasting effect on development.”

Intellectual Disability was previously called mental retardation, is characterized by below-average mental ability and a lack of skills necessary for living. People with intellectual disabilities can learn and do new skills, but they learn them very slowly.

According to the American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and the person is said to suffer from intellectual disability if the patient meets these criteria:

  1. If the IQ is below 70-75
  2. Skills required to live, play in the community, communication, and self-care.
  3. The condition manifests itself on the person before the age of 18.

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Classification of Intellectual Disability

According to The World Health Organization, Intellectual disability is based on an individual’s IQ and its criteria are:

85 – 100+Normal
70 – 84Borderline normal
50 – 69General intellectual disability
35 – 49Moderate intellectual disability
20 – 34Severe intellectual disability
Up to 19Profound intellectual disability

Types of Intellectual Disability

Fragile X Syndrome

  • Down Syndrome
  • Williams Syndrome
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Prader-Willi
  • Untreated Phenylketonuria(PKU)

Signs of Intellectual Disability in Children

  • Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, or maybe walking slowly
  • having trouble with talking
  • Slow in mastering things like  dressing, and feeding
  • Difficulty with logical thinking
  • Unable  to connect actions with consequences
  • Behavioral problems like explosive tantrums
  • Difficulty with problem-solving

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Main body

here we will discuss causes and examples

Causes of Intellectual Disability

  •  Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome known as Genetic conditions
  •  Problems during pregnancy and childbirth: such as fetal brain development include alcohol or drug use, malnutrition, certain infections.
  •  Illness, injury, or Infections like meningitis, whooping cough, measles, head injury, near-drowning, malnutrition, brain infections, and exposure to toxic substances such as lead.

Condition in Ireland

Ireland’s special needs education system comprised of three stages

  • the era of neglect and denial,
  • the era of the special schools and
  • the era of integration or inclusion

Today there are 107 special schools in Ireland. Over two thousand children were being educated in mainstream schools by 1993.

Case Study

Juan is a seven-year-old boy who studies in a Special Day Class on an elementary school campus.

He is mentally retarded, has asthma, a congenital heart condition, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

He has taken many different medications. Juan’s parents do not allow him to play outside with no elders around.

The behavioral difficulties he experiences are due to his lack of opportunities to play with other children.

In class, Juan works on his assignments but the length of time he can focus has reduced.

Juan’s interactions with the other students in school concern staff: Juan annoys other classmates. For example, he’ll turn to a student doing work and say, “No copy me” in an aggressive voice. Or he’ll lightly jab lunchbox into the child ahead of him, he will kick, bite, punch, or slap. Juan can be seen playing happily with other students when suddenly he will become angry and attack.

Juan’s parents booked an appointment to see the doctor change Juan’s medication since the current drug is not effective. The team agrees with this approach.

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Modification for students with intellectual disabilities

  • Quiet Work Space

To concentrate on the activity or task given

  • Functional Activities

Teaching practical things such as how to boil an egg or finding their way to their friend’s house.

  • Repetition of Concepts Over the Day

Learning concept in different ways and practice it many times in order to learn and remember.

  • Teacher-Student Ratio

Ideally, the ratio should be at least 1 teacher for every 3 children suffering from intellectual disabilities.

  • Safety Measures

No use of Sharp scissors, knives, Harmful liquids, Medicines

Strategies of Teaching Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Break down the Content: breaking down the learning task into small steps. This gradual, step-by-step, learning approach will benefit them.

Allowing kids to move while learning: most people are kinesthetic learners and learn best by performing “hands-on” activities. For instance, they can describe the push and pull created by drag, or air resistance, which causes a falling object to slow down.

Make Learning Visual: Including the use of charts, pictures, and graphs can enhance their learning experiences, For example, teaching gravity by dropping an object to illustrate the force.

Make feedback immediate: teachers should provide feedback to individuals on how they’re performing.

Modifications: Such as provide a copy of the notes or tutoring, peer partnering.

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Since intellectual disabilities is not an illness, there are no treatments for it, Therefore, teaching a student with an intellectual disability means a teacher can have a great opportunity to make a huge difference in a young person’s life.

People going through intellectual disabilities can live meaningful, satisfying, and productive lives, within their own communities, only if adequate support is provided to them.

There should be community supports, financial supports, advanced directives for future care and emergency services, family education and support groups, and advocacy and legal supports for person with intellectual disabilities

We salute the courage and dedication of families, teachers, doctors who have tirelessly worked to improve the lives of these deserving citizens.

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