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Inflammatory Process: Circulatory and Lymphatic System Essay Ireland

The human Body is a concoction of 12 major systems. In fact, the work of these systems is correlated with one another. In this article, we are going to study two such systems i.e Circulatory and Lymphatic System. Also, we shall gain knowledge about the inflammatory process with regard to these two systems.

In Ireland, students enroll in nursing, childcare, and wellness courses. These courses are a part of the Quality and Qualification courses in Ireland. Also, children can take up these courses at FETAC level 5 and level 6 respectively. Now, as a part of the well being it is crucial to study the human body and its major mechanisms.

The process of inflammation is caused due to certain irregularities in the functioning of the lymphatic system. But, before learning about inflammation and it causes, let us study the circulatory and lymphatic systems and their working.

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The circulatory Systems is also called the cardiovascular system. It helps in circulating blood across the human body. The major task of this system is to carry nutrients and oxygen via the blood into different parts of the body. Also, the waste material from the body is taken away for eliminating it from the body. Human Heart functions to take in the de-oxygenated blood. Now, this blood is pumped into the lungs. Here, the blood is enriched with oxygen in the alveoli and then, it is pumped back into the heart. Hence, after purification, blood is circulated in the entire human body through the arteries.

Apart from the basic functioning of the heart the other organs also have a role to play in circulation. In the human body, we have Red Blood Cell, White Blood cells, nutrients, oxygen. Now, the kidneys help in separating the waste materials in the form of urine. The lungs help in restoring the red blood cells by filtering the damaged RBC.

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You can consider the Lymphatic system as an extension of the Lymphatic system. It basically consists of a network of vessels. These vessels are present throughout the human body. The major function of this system is the transfer of fluids. Now, since, the vessels are not pushed by the heart, therefore the fluids transfer slowly. The lymph capillaries take fluids from the tissues after coming in contact with the blood capillaries. The fluid is known as Lymph and it also contains White Blood Cells. Spleen which is a lymphatic organ prevents pathogens and antigens from entering into the blood.

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Inflammatory Process: Circulatory and Lymphatic System

Normally, there is no microbiota in the circulatory system Thus, the antibodies may enter into the human body causing blood infections. These microbes increase the blood toxicity resulting in an inflammatory response of the body. This process is called SEPSIS and results in producing cytokines. These cytokines increase the level of inflammation in the body in form of fever, edema.

Similarly, due to the microbial actions, inflammation occurs in the lymph. This is the result of the inflammatory response.

Lymphatic System Inflammation Symptoms include redness under the skin, swelling of the lymph nodes. The process of inflammation of the lymph nodes is called lymphangitis.

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