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HSE National Wound Management Guidelines Ireland Essay Sample

The following essay sample shall highlight the HSE National Wound Management Guidelines 2018 in Ireland. It shall also include the principles of wound management and steps to wound care.

The HSE National Wound Guidelines 2018 is a consistent and standardized approach to wound care in Ireland. This Irish guideline supports safe and quality care for patients who can have easy access to HSE and other funded agencies.

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It is mainly focused on patients with injuries and wounds with easy access to clinicians who are practicing wound care.

The National Wound Guidelines have people with wounds and their needs are addressed into certain sections. Some of them are pressure ulcers, education, general wound care, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, and palliative wound care.

Healthcare professionals must be well aware of the needs of wounded patients’ standards and prevention strategies. They must know when and how to refer the patient with a wound.

It includes the safety, satisfaction of patients,s and an effective clinical outcome. Health professionals must have appropriate knowledge and competency to deliver care to be able to maximize the level and quality of service at an affordable price.

The complex wounds need to be managed with care. They need to be assessed, diagnosed, treated and evaluated by professionals through the delivery of patient care.

In the past ten years, the population of Ireland has increased especially the older adults group. As the survival rate of late adulthood people has increased it has risen the incidence of wounds due to falling, diabetes, obesity, and arterial disease.

If wounds are remained untreated it can increase the morbidity rate, rise in health costs and hospital expenses. More than 20% of the inpatients of Irish hospitals are suffering from the pressure ulcer which is acquired during the hospitalization for the injuries and wounds.

The purpose of the HSE Guidelines is to provide consistent wound care in Ireland across all the healthcare settings to encourage the best clinical outcomes. Nurses and midwives are very important when it comes to wound management in healthcare units. They promote care and quality in patients and effectively treat them according to their needs.

Principles of the Wound Management 

There are some basic principles for the management of wound or laceration and these principles can be applied to any simple wound which needs to be taken care of by the professionals and they are:-

  • Haemostasis
  • Cleaning the wound
  • Skin closure
  • Analgesia
  • Dressing and Follow up advice


It is a process of restricting the flow of blood and in most cases, this process is very spontaneous and instant. If there is any deep wound, injury or laceration then bleeding needs to be stopped immediately with the help of haemostasis. The steps of this may include pressure, elevation, suturing, and tourniquet.

Cleaning of the Wound

Cleaning the wound is very important for reducing the risk of infection and for healing the wound.  The wound needs to be first be disinfected with antiseptic and any form of detergent or alcohol must be avoided to touch inside the wound.

Decontamination is a process of removing any foreign objects from the wound. Tissues in the wound area must be devitalized and irrigated with saline water which creates pressure in the area.

The antibiotics need to be used in high-risk wounds and in places with signs of infection. The risk of infection can be due to animal bites, soiled wounds, and open fractures.


Analgesia is a process of closing the wound with the help of a local anesthetic through the process of infiltration. It can be done with the help of regular systematic analgesia. Andrenaline and local anesthetic can be administered into the human body with care, close monitoring, and with a prescription.

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Skin Closure

Skin closure is done with the help of tissue adhesive glue, skin adhesive strips, staples, and sutures.

Skin adhesive strips are used when there is no scope or risk of any infection. Tissue adhesive glue is used for the purpose of any small lacerations. Sutures are used for deep dermal wounds which are much prone to flexion, melting, and tension. Staples are used for scalp wounds.

Dressing the Wound and Follow Up

An appropriate dressing of the wound reduces the risk of infection and contamination. A non-infected wound must be layered with nonadherent and absorbent material. Tetanus is needed for any individual to update the status of immunization.

For an initial wound, management the patient needs to seek medical attention, sutures, and adhesive strips must be removed along with dressing after 10 to 15 days after wound closure.

Steps to Wound Care

  • Hands need to be sanitized and washed properly to make them disinfected.
  • Any minor cuts need to be repaired for stopping the bleeding immediately. A clean cloth or any bandage must be used for creating pressure to stop wound bleeding.
  • The wound needs to be cleaned with running water and soap can be used around the wounded place. No hydrogen peroxide or iodine to be used and debris to be removed with the help of tweezers.
  • Antibiotics or any ointment to be used to keep the surface moist and moisturized and to prevent it from scarring. No ointment to be applied if there is any rash.
  • Wound to be covered with a bandage with gauze and paper tape and dressing must be done at least once a day. Get a tetanus shot and watch out for any signs of redness, infection, or swelling.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the National Wound Management Guidelines Ireland and Wound Management.

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