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Nazi Concentration Camps Essay Sample

This essay sample will highlight the modern history of Europe from the 1930s to the 1940s. It will cover the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, life in concentration camps, extermination camp,s, and the holocaust.

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From the year 1933 to 1945, Nazi Germany had already established a thousand concentration camps in Germany and in the area of Europe occupied by Germany.

Auschwitz was the first camp that was established by Nazis in 1933 as a torture and death cell for prisoners. It was established right after Adolf Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor of Germany.

Prisoners were members of the Communist Party of Germany but with time different groups of prisoners were arrested who were either Jews, habitual offenders, asocials or Roma. They were kept in these camps and made to do hard labor and given death.

After World War II people from German-occupied Europe were put into concentration camps. The allied military camps freed them and liberated camps in 1944 and 1945 but by the time hundreds already died in death marches.

1.65 million people were held prisoners and millions died in the Nazi camps. Some of the most important concentration camps of Nazi Germany across Europe are:-

  1. Bergen-Belsen
  2. Dachau
  3. Hinzert
  4. Gross-Rosen
  5. Auschwitz
  6. Majdanek
  7. Warsaw
  8. Vaivara
  9. Natzweiller-Struth
  10. Kauen

Reasons for the rise of the Nazi party in Germany 

Adolf Hitler joined a Workers Party in 1919 at Munich. It was renamed as National Socialist German Workers Party and later was to be known as the Nazi party.

Nazis were initially not a big political party but by 1932 it gained 230 seats making it the largest party. They became very popular amongst the various communities and commoners of Germany by gaining their trust.

  • Nazis got popular among the middle class, people of rural areas, nationalists, and industrialists. They spread their party policies and propaganda in the people through radio, newspapers, speeches, and posters.
  • Nationalists believed that the Treaty of Versailles and communists were responsible for the Great Depression in the European countries.

So they supported the Nazis as they promised them a stronger economy.

  • Industrialists also trusted them as they felt that their wealth will be snatched away by communists. So they started paying the Nazi party for winning the election against the communists.
  • Hitler was portrayed as a heroic figure and a savior of Germany who created the image in the minds of people that only he can save their economy.
  • Hatred against Jews was used as a weapon to gain the trust of Germans. Hitler claimed that Jews were a racially inferior race who are impure and bad for the economy.
  • He was a great public speaker and he used this skill to convince the targeted groups of the society by creating different slogans and policies.
  • Nazis promised a rise in employment opportunities and better pensions for the people after coming into power.
  • Remilitarise Germany will bring huge industrial contracts by getting the support of the industrialists.
  • Nazi had opened offices in every city and town to give easy assess to the people and gain their trust. SA gave a strong idea that it will help and protect Germany from its enemies.

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Extermination and Concentration Camps for prisoners by Nazi

Nazis used different types of camps for the prisoners to be tortured and killed. Concentration camps, forced labor camps, extermination camps, transit camps, war camps were established in thousands across Europe by Nazis.

They were designed for the jews, asocials, and other opponents to be tortured to death killing almost six million European jews which is 2/3rd of the Jewish population in Europe.

“Concentration camp” was a place where people were imprisoned without even facing a fair trial.

Prisoners were kept in bad living conditions, exploited for hard forced labor, bad health, harsh abusive treatment and were controlled in numbers.

They were kept at one place with a life worst than death. The Health and lives of these people deteriorated killing ten thousand in the camps.

“Extermination camp” was used for murdering the races of inferiority like Jews and Roma as they felt that they’re a threat to the pure race of Germans.

Development of Concentration camps 

These camps were detention centers for the enemies, asocials, communists, Jews, and political prisoners.

Nazis arrested thousands of Jews from all over Europe and detained in concentration camps. Some were released in months or years and had to endure violence, abuse, humiliation, bad sanitation facility, and brutal torture in these dead cells.

Forced labor and doing hard physical labor up to death was common in these camps killing one million over the holocaust.

Purpose of Extermination camps 

These camps were huge mass killing, genocide murder houses for jews and other racially inferior groups. The extermination of Jewish population of Europe was called the “Final Solution” by Nazis in the form of the code word.

Six major extermination camps were established in Poland for the mass killing of jews and they were:

  1. Birkenan
  2. Belzec
  3. Sobibor
  4. Trblinka
  5. Majdanek
  6. Auschwitz

Some of them were big gas chambers which were used as an effective method of mass murder. Carbon Monoxide and Zyklon B gas were used in these death chambers.

Some of these dead cells were having mobility facilities and with a crematorium were buried in mass graves.

While some people were not murdered directly on arrival to the camp. They were ‘selected’ and allowed tasks, administrative work, the heavy manual jobs for the smooth functioning of the camps.

Selected people majorly died after a few weeks due to lack of food, ailments, and overburden of work and were replaced by new arrivals. This holocaust killed almost three million people in the camps.

Daily lives of the people in the camps

These prisoners had a hierarchy that required to be maintained and went through an abusive inhuman treatment. They were made to suffer, do force physical labor, horrific line ups, and starved to death.

They waked up early in the morning to do hard physical labor by force on several sites and were treated as slaves.

After returning to the camp from work in the evening they had to go through horrific lineups where they had to stand for hours without moving in cold, snow, or rain. Sometimes they faced brutal violence in the hands of the authorities.

Early wake up, line up, forced march, the long waiting period for meals which was just a watery vegetable soup with half piece of bread.

Despite so much torture, they kept their cultural and religious beliefs intact. In the time of war, they had to sleep on muddy floors, broken barracks without blankets, even in sleeping tunnels.

Rations were reduced for them due to which they faced mass starvation. They were left to die without any medical attention.

‘Death marches’ were the forcible movement of prisoners from one camp to another and making them walk for 10 miles a day. They were made to travel in open cars in snow, with no food and shelter and anyone who lagged behind was shot dead. Thousands of people died in these death marches.

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