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Effects of Exercises for Patellar Tendinopathy (Physiotherapy) Essay Sample Ireland

This sample essay shall focus on the people who are suffering from patellar tendinopathy, symptoms of tendonitis, and exercises used for its treatment (physiotherapy).

Patellar tendinopathy is a physical condition in which there is wear and tear in the knee tendon and joint. It causes degeneration of tendons, inflammation in tendons, and disrupted tendon fibers that may create serious physical ailments in the body.

Effects of Exercises for Patellar Tendinopathy (Physiotherapy) Essay Sample Ireland

The clinical diagnosis of pain and dysfunction in the patellar tendon affects the daily physical activities of a person. It affects the athletes who are constantly in rigorous sports activities that cause serious sports injury and may even lead to a condition of disability in them.

The condition of the jumper’s knee is common amongst the football, tennis, basketball, and jumpers players as they do repetitive actions daily which pressurizes the patellar tendon.

Physiotherapy is a medical process or practice through which such pain, deformity, injury, or disease can be treated with the help of heat massage treatment and exercises rather than any drugs or surgery. It includes manual therapy and exercises that provide knowledge and advice to patients with tendinopathy.

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Exercises and their effects on Patellar Tendinosis (Physiotherapy) 

There are many strength-building and bearing exercises along with therapies that can be used for the treatment of patellar tendinosis.

Such therapies and exercises are used by a physiotherapist to help the patients to recover from the pain and heal the injury.

If the condition of the jumper’s knee is not treated then it may arise serious bodily issues like knee displacement, physical disability, or Osteoporosis.

  • Conservative treatment is a clinically researched process for patellar tendinopathy. It includes resting, lifestyle changes, and weight reduction along with therapies used for treatment.

The intensity of exercises can be increased with time to strengthen the quadriceps femoris muscle patellar tendon unit.

Such as laser therapy, electrolysis, electrotherapy, ultrasound, shock wave therapy, platelet-rich plasma, cryotherapy, and biomechanical adjustments.

  • There are many strength-building exercises like squats, leg raises, leg presses, leg extensions, wall squats, calf raises, hamstring curls, quadriceps stretch, and straight and side leg raises. It is recommended by physiotherapists to do these exercises for creating muscle strength.

Traditional exercises like yoga, swimming, tai chi, water aerobics, walking, and elliptical machine are the most effective methods to deal with knee pain or patellar tendinopathy.

  • Land or water-based exercises for muscle strengthening. Both weight-bearing and non-weight being exercises combination can be used for muscle training and strength.

Muscle contraction therapy like isometric, isokinetic, eccentric, and concentric can be used for patellar tendinosis.

  • Progressive eccentric muscle loading is an effective intervention therapy for patellar tendinitis.

While the isolated concentric and eccentric concentric exercises can be used to increase the muscle strength of the knee.

  • The eccentric form of exercise is the most effective treatment for the rehabilitation of patellar tendinopathy. It increases the resistance of tendons by elongating the tendinous muscle unit and bears less pressure on tendons.
  • These exercises have proved to be effective for patellar tendonitis. It helps in the regeneration and reformation of tendon collagen fibers. It reduces oxygen consumption by muscles, muscle tension reduction, and less energy expenditure.
  • Iontophoresis is a therapy that involves the spreading of medicine called corticosteroid on the skin in the affected area. A low electrical charge and device are used to deliver the medication through the skin.
  • Progressive Tendon Loading Exercise Therapy is an effective method to deal with the initial treatment of Patellar tendonitis. It has a better clinical outcome or result.

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Symptoms of Patellar Tendonitis or Jumper’s knee 

  • Patellar tendinosis or tendonitis can be identified easily by the nature of pain. When a person feels uncomfortable climbing stairs, walking, running, or doing any activity that puts pressure on knee joints or tendons.
  • There is inflammation, redness in the joints, and swelling in the affected area.
  • Pain is experienced when the leg has to be straightened or while bending.
  • Tenderness and pain around the patellar tendon and below the knee cap.
  • It interferes with the daily routine of a person or causes strain while performing any physical activity.
  • Difficulty in walking due to stiffness in the knee joint and muscles.

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The above sample mentions the patellar tendinopathy and exercises therapies used for its treatment.

Physiotherapy, Healthcare, Careskills, Nursing, Wellbeing, QQI Level 5 and 6, Neurology students can read this sample to gain knowledge on patellar tendinosis and its treatment through physiotherapy.

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