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Person-Centred Health Care Case Study Sample 

The following sample shall focus upon the person-centred approach towards health care in a healthcare setting.

Person-centred care shifts from professional care to the personal care of a person on the basis of his personal needs. Such a person who is centred gets emotional support from his friends and family to attain his health goals.

The quality and experience of care can be improved through the person-centred approach.

Such care is for both individual and group setting making them active for the personal care of themselves. Care provided by the nurses and carers must be in compliance with the personal needs of the patient which also affects the health care system.

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Person-centred care depends upon the following elements including:-

  • Preferences of people, their choices, and personal needs are taken into consideration.
  • Emotional support and backup given by the family and friends.
  • Placing of people at the centre on the basis of their cultural and personal values.
  • Such persons must be physically secured, safe, and comfortable.
  • They must get the appropriate information that they require to make an effective decision for their personal care and support.
  • Ensuring appropriate access to care whenever the person needs it.
  • Priorities and personal views of a person must be considered in relation to his health. It makes them confident, knowledgeable, and skilful in managing the decisions for personal health care.

In-person centre theory or approach in health care enables them to retain their autonomy and dignity.

Carers can also assist disabled patients to be physically independent, cope up with their health issues, and help them to lead a happy life.

Case study of a person-centred health care 

Fionn who is a thirty-year-old patient was admitted into the hospital a few days back due to a major road accident.

He is admitted into Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland which is a specialized hospital for bone surgery.

He had to undergo major surgery on his collar bone, the thigh bone of one leg and had serious burns injuries on his body.

This health condition required him to remain admitted to the hospital for the next fifteen days more.  Daily care routine and another surgery will be performed on him in the next few days.

Fionn has discussed his health condition with his personal nurse, medical staff, and care assistants in the hospital.

They have effectively coordinated and have come down to the conclusion that his personal needs and hygiene will be taken care of. His personal interests in reading books and listening to music will be catered to by the staff.

He is being given options of books and e-book facility along with headphones for listening to music. The family visits him regularly and the needs of the patient are being properly communicated to them.

Fionn’s personal routine hygiene is taken care of by the nurses to meet his daily hygiene and care needs.

Options of maintaining his daily personal hygiene along with his personal interests were provided to give him a sense of independence and choices. It is an effective way of a person-centred approach by the nurses to cater to patients’ needs.

Principles of a person-centred health care approach

There are four major principles on which the person-centred health care approach is based on and they are –

Dignity, respect, the compassion of patients is vital

Patients under the supervision and guidance of health care staff usually lose control over their personal decisions.

Therefore, he loses his self-confidence and feels powerless in controlling his own life.

Such patients must be treated with care, affection, compassion and their feelings and emotions must be respected by the carers. Their personal beliefs, thoughts, faith must be taken into account while giving treatment.

This enhances their overall physical and emotional health of the patient and helps them in speedy recovery.

Provision of care, support, and treatment 

For effective and safe delivery of health services to the patient, coordination is an important element for health.

The care plan must record the personal needs of the patient and the treatment required for it.

Carers must have effective communication that how services can be delivered to the patients through a person-centred approach.

Offer personal care and treatment 

Personal standardized care and treatment are provided for the person according to his needs but the same care may remain ineffective for another patient.

Such an approach helps them to manage their health effectively and improve their quality of life.

Helps in developing strength and identifying weakness

Such patients can take their own decisions regarding their health. It helps them to develop strengths, abilities and identifying their weakness by understanding their health status.

This creates a greater control over their life by maintaining balance.

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The above sample discusses on person-centred health care approach case study and principles of such healthcare.

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