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Professionalisation Social Care in Ireland Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work focuses on the history of social care in Ireland, and an explanation of social care work and CORU and its implications on social care education in Ireland.

The role of a social care worker has changed with time and has changed in the due course and history of social care in Ireland.

A social care worker has the job of implementing a care plan and providing physical and emotional support to the client and catering to his needs. He can provide his social care services in a home environment,  community centres, or nursing homes.

Professionalisation Social Care in Ireland Essay Sample 

His main focuses are on the strengths and is a need-based approach where one works on the problems of an individual client.

It is a relationship approach to the provision of care, psychosocial support, and advocacy in a partnership that ensures the principle of social justice and human rights.

Social care is defined according to the Irish Association of Social Care Educators to be an emerging profession that can work best in partnership with people who have special needs.

Social care workers plan and provide professional care to vulnerable individuals and disadvantaged groups.

These care services are provided to varied client groups which include children, young people in detention, homeless people, older people, people with intellectual disabilities, drug addicts, and families. It is an interpersonal relationship that requires empathy, care, awareness, and good communication skills.

The profession of social care is subjected to registration by The Health and Social Care Professionals Council (HSCPC).

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History of Social Care in Ireland 

The history of social care in Ireland dates back to the 19th century when religious organizations and institutions were established for social service work.

In the 1800s the catholic institutions increased in number rapidly and established elderly care homes, schools, hospitals, orphanages, and reformatory homes.

The reformatory schools were established in 1858 for children from 12 to 16 years of age who have committed any offence. Industrial schools system were set up under the Industrial Schools Act, of 1868 for the care of abandoned or neglected children.

Almost 1,70,000 young children from 1936 to 1970 have entered the industrial schools by then and were detained largely in the reformatories which makes Ireland the highest in terms of institutionalization in the world.

The Childcare Act, of 1908 was the primary legislation that was made for vulnerable children in the 20th century. It is meant for the prevention of cruelty to children and the protection of the juvenile.

This Act was amended by The Childcare Act, 1991 which got replaced by the specific act of The Children Act, 2001 which prevents any criminal behaviour, and rehabilitation and detention were taken as the last resort.

CORU and its implications on Social Care Education in Ireland 

The word CORU has been derived from the Irish word ‘coir’ which means just and fair. It was set up as a multi-profession health regulator for health and social care professionals and to promote high-quality professional conduct.

The Education and Training Programme under the CORU meets the educational criteria and needs and has a system of effectively producing graduates who meet the standards of proficiency and competence through statutory registration of health and social care professionals.

It was established under the Registration Boards for 12 professions including Social Care Workers.

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The Registration Boards have opened registration for the following professions and they are-Dieticians, Occupational Therapists, Radiographers, Radiation Therapists, Social Care Workers, Physiotherapists, Language, and Speech Therapists.

Education and training are to make sure that all the graduates who are entering the register have the required knowledge and skills to deliver safe and effective service.

CORU Health and Social Care Professional Council was set up under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act, 2005. It deals with the complaints of any professional misconduct of the registered health and social care professionals.

To regulate the health and social care professionals CORU needs to do the following work and they are:-

  • Setting up the standards of social care work for the social care workers which they need to meet mandatorily.
  • Maintaining and publishing the health register of the professional.
  • Ensuring that the educational institutions and bodies provide qualifications that will prepare the professionals to provide safe and appropriate care.
  • Ensuring that the registered professionals must keep their skills updated by promoting continuous professional development.

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The above sample essay highlights the Professionalisation of Social Care in Ireland.

Social Studies QQI Level 5, Community and Social Care QQI Level 5, Social Analysis QQI Level 6, Applied Social Studies QQI Level 5, Sociology QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI Level 5, Community Care QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to understand the concept of social care work and social care skills.

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