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Psychotherapy SPICC Model Essay Sample 

This essay sample shall focus upon an integrated approach of Psychotherapeutic model which is called the SPICC Model, it’s five phases and use of integrative counseling and psychotherapy.

Psychoeducation and Psychotherapeutic are the two major intervention therapies for the child’s mental health and emotional growth.

Psychoeducation focuses on increasing tolerance and resilience amongst young children and teaching them life skills (way to live life).

Psychotherapy SPICC Model Essay Sample

While psychotherapeutic intervention therapy helps children to be able to overcome their psychological and developmental issues by themselves.

An integrative psychotherapeutic approach is a positive person-centered approach to the client’s mental and psychological health.

There are many psychological therapies for a person such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), systemic family therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, and advocacy work.

Geldard in 2013 developed a child psychology therapy for a child’s psychological health which is an integrative psychotherapeutic model known as The Sequentially Planned Integrative Counselling for Children’ (SPICC).

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What is the SPICC Model? 

SPICC Model is an integrative framework that includes both the theoretical, philosophical, and practical strategies from other approaches.

Psychotherapeutic approaches can be used for bringing drastic changes in the mental health condition of a person.

SPICC Model which is meant for the children works with the help of an integrated approach of different therapies. Some of the therapeutic approaches make the goals more achievable and the therapeutics much more effective and efficient.

Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy usage

Integrative Counseling and psychotherapy is a talking therapy that is used for recognizing the needs of the people. Therapists help such people to go through counseling sessions so that their individual needs could be met.

The client and therapist relationship must be strong to have a positive influence on the client’s mental health. It must generate a feeling of trust and loyalty between them for the therapeutic relationship to sustain.

Integrative therapists choose many techniques and therapies from various sources for treating the individual client.

Such as the Humanistic School (Person-centered), Relational Psychodynamics, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and mindfulness.

Such therapies are used for addressing the issues of abuse, emotional distress, trauma, social anxiety, depression, addictions, self-esteem, work stress, issues in relationships, and bereavement.

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Five Phases of the SPICC Model

Each phase of the SPICC Model emphasizes the different therapies used for improving the psychological health and issues of a child. When all the therapies are used effectively in integration it facilitates the holistic mental growth and development of the child.

First Phase of SPICC Model

In the first phase, the focus lies on providing a proper safe place for the child so that he could play and learn by expressing himself freely and his story.

A person-centered approach is adopted to positively influence the client-therapist relationship. This cannot work without being getting personally involved with the client by addressing his personal issues and concerns.

The person-centered approach of child psychotherapy will make a child experience therapeutic interventions through self-actualization.

Child-centered play therapy is used for solving the psychological difficulties of children by the play therapists through a systematic approach and the use of the theoretical model to establish interpersonal relationships.

Second Phase of SPICC Model

The second phase allows the child to experience and feel their own emotions by dealing with their own thoughts and self-reflection. It helps them to change their thinking process and perception about things.

It also helps the child to identify and relate to his own personal issues by raising awareness and allowing him to increase his growth and potential.

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Third Phase of SPICC Model

The third phase includes Narrative Therapy where the child through a different perspective and self-reflection develops an image of themselves and works upon their own issues and weaknesses.

A child through storytelling will discuss his issues and concerns and will reveal the truth about his life. It facilitates the construction and deconstruction of stories about their life.

The sand tray is a play that assists children in expressing their emotions and thoughts, imagining their future, and providing relief with the help of narrative therapy.

Fourth Phase of SPICC Model

The child works upon his negative and destructive beliefs and actions through behavioral experiments.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps the child in making effective decisions making, make choices, choosing options, and reviewing their consequences by themselves.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is meant for helping children with troubling emotions and thinking by addressing their actions and thoughts.

For effective treatment of children, integrated therapeutic interventions and processes must be used.

Fifth Phase of the SPICC Model

Behaviour Therapy (BT) can be used for the child’s practices in developing a new behavior, positive habits, and self-evaluation.

It is used for addressing cognitive issues, and emotional stress, and for achieving a positive behavior change through effective positive practice in real life.

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The above sample mentions the Psychotherapy SPICC Model designed for a child’s mental health and psychological concerns.

Psychology QQI Level 5 and 6, Child Psychology Course QQI Level 5 and 6, Psychology of People QQI Level 5, Certificate in Psychology NFQ Level 6 students can refer to this essay for improving their knowledge and learning skills.

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