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Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory Essay Sample 

Following sample has been written on the Maslow’s behavioural science theory or hierarchy of needs theory. This theory could be of great help to the psychological and behavioral management students.

The needs that are focused under this Maslow theory of needs is adult needs which are divided into five major levels. The five stages of needs are – physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness, esteem needs and self actualisation needs.

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Maslow hierarchy of needs theory starts off from the psychological needs which is very primitive and basic human need required for functioning of body.

When the lower needs of a person is fulfilled he moves on to the next stage of need. Every person is capable of reaching the self actualisation level. While some stressful or eventful incidents of life could put an individual hanging between the different levels of hierarchy.

Five levels of Maslow hierarchial needs and their examples 

The five levels of Maslow hierarchial needs theory varies from lower need to the highest form of needs of an individual.

(1) Physiological /basic needs

These are the basic or biological needs of an individual. These needs are to be fulfilled to take care of the body and for it’s basic functioning of it. Without fulfillment of these basic needs an individual cannot think of meeting the other high levels of needs.


Food, shelter, clothing, breathing, nutrition, sex, water and other bodily requirements etc.

(2) Safety and security needs

After fulfillment of basic needs of a person, he needs a sense of safety and security at his work and environment in which he resides. This mostly includes safety from family and friends side who are an emotional support for any person.

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It includes financial security in the form of a secured job, workplace safety and hygiene, food safety, safe place of residence, health and life insurance, savings in the account, support from family, safety from health hazards, an emotional security, safety of his property and his well being.

(3) Love and feeling of belongingness needs

This could be categorized as the third tier of need of a person. Every person is a social animal and he needs some trustworthy and honest relationships in his life to rely upon. Fulfillment of any social need leads to a strong social interpersonal relationships.


Friendship, trust, intimacy, acceptance, love and affection, belongingness to a particular community or social group (family, work, friends), churches and religious organizations, sports team, book clubs etc.

(4) Esteem Needs

Esteem needs is the desire to have dignity, self respect, self value, self worth, a feeling of sense of achievement and excelling in a field. Desire of social status and reputation in the society and getting respect from others alsoo boosts our esteem and confidence level.

As our basic needs gets fulfilled our horizon of needs widens up as we desire for more.


Participation in a team, taking part in hobbies, participation in professional activities all raises the self worth and esteem of a person. Such people have better trust and confidence in themselves.

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(5) Self Actualisation needs

It is the most highest form of desire or need that can only be achieved through self satisfaction of a particular person.

Self actualisation is a accomplishment of a person that one can be and could attain or achieve in life. This is one need that varies from person to person as it’s not important that one person self actualisation need is also another person’s need.

Self actualisation is a journey that van be achieved through various ways as it includes the personal experience and growth of an individual. It can be achieved through attainment of greatest height in any respective fields of life whether in education, sports, corporate etc.

This need can only be measured by the degree of happiness felt by a person according to Maslow. This can be achieved through self fulfillment, knowing one’s potential, taking into account all personal experiences and growth. It is a continous process and not a perfect state of achievement. One has to work continously to achieve this self actualisation goal.


Cooking, travelling to new places, learning a new language, gardening, caring for others, designing, music, athletics, winning awards etc.

 Characteristics of people who have reached the self actualised hieriarchial need of Maslow theory

  • They are highly creative at their work who can achieve their satisfaction through creativity and achievement in creation and arts.
  • These people are practical in approach and efficient by nature and has high tolerance for uncertainity in future plans and events.
  • They can even try out new ways of doing things and not sticking to the old traditional practices.
  • Self actualised people could establish relationships that are satisfying with few people. They do not need many people to gel up.
  • These people listen to their own intuitions, values or feelings while evaluation of their experiences.

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Drawbacks of Maslow Hierarchy of needs theory 

  • The hierarchial needs or level of needs may not be correct for every individual. Some people may not have any self actualisation needs at all. This may not be the right hierarchy of needs of some people.
  • There is also no scientific research or test to proove that self actualisation need can be measured in a particular way. Since there is no scientific backing up of it.

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Above essay sample is based on the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs theory. This theory could also be read with Elton Mayo Human Relations theory and Taylor motivational theory.

Students of Behavioural science, Management, Childcare, Human Resource Management and of Psychology could refer to this sample to write assignments based on adult needs, additional needs child, Special needs assistance (SNA) , Child behaviour etc.

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