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Cognitive Psychology Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample is written on cognitive psychology which is a branch of psychological studies. We shall include cognitive psychology for mental health, reasons for consulting cognitive psychologists, and will be concluded by the impact of cognitive psychology.

Cognitive psychology is the research-based study of the cognitive mind of a person that may include his memory, consciousness, and attention. This field of discipline was discovered in the mid-20th century in response to behavioral psychology. Behavior psychology was introduced by B.F. Skinner studied behavior but not the internal processes of the mind.

Cognitive Psychology Essay Sample

It is a scientific study of the mind and psychologists in this area of discipline build cognitive models of information that helps in the understanding of processes of the human mind. Such processes may include language, skills, thinking, perception, problem-solving abilities, and consciousness.

Cognitive psychology became very famous in the 1950s. It shifted the focus from conditional behavior and psychoanalytical notions to the study of the mind focusing on the understanding of information processing of the human mind.

Cognitive research helps in coping up with memory difficulties, accuracy in decision making, treatment of learning disorders, recovery from brain injury, and restructuring of mind enhancing learning and education.

It helps the researchers to gain knowledge about the \processing of information in minds of people, the functioning of the brain, and the development of different methods to deal with various psychological issues.

It gives psychologists an understanding of the formation, storing, and recalling of memories and ways to improve memory.

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Cognitive Psychology for Mental Health 

Cognitive psychology has a deep impact on the mental health of people. A few decades back mental health was focused on the behavioral, psychoanalytic, and humanistic approaches. After this, a cognitive revolution took place in human psychology putting emphasis on patterns of thinking and processing of information.

The psychologists came up with new approaches to treatment that could treat depression, anxiety, phobias, and other mental health disorders.

Cognitive behavior therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy are the two cognitive methods that can help therapists to identify the underlying condition of mental health.

These mental health therapists help in the identification of irrational beliefs and disorders and replace them with realistic and practical thoughts.

Such professionals are known as clinical psychologists, counselors, and cognitive psychologists who have introduced many strategies to address the deep-rooted cognitive issues.

Reasons for Consulting a Cognitive Psychologist 

The cognitive psychologist helps people to experience and address their own psychological issues with their mental processes.

Such psychologists could help in addressing the issues of focus and attention. They address the stress caused due to an increase in the levels of stress, pessimism, self-sabotaging, and feelings of helplessness.

A cognitive psychologist helps patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and one total memory loss. He helps such patients to perform their daily tasks and to retain the loss of memory.

Such psychologists also give the therapies related to cognition and to those suffering from any psychological illnesses.

They create medical interventions for people with learning disabilities, sensory issues, and speech and language disorders. Treatment for brain trauma is also provided to such patients.

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Impact of Cognitive Psychology 

Cognitive psychologists devise methods to measure the abilities of the human intellect, deal with various memory problems, and understand the structure and working of the human brain to understand the impact of various cognitive disorders.

It helps in understanding the influence of mental processes on our overall health and daily life.

Cognitive psychology helps in the understanding of the overall cognitive development of the child. It shows that how the human brain transforms sensory inputs into perception and different mental processes. It also studies the different stages of development of the human brain and the overall physical wellbeing of a person.

Cognitive psychology is research-based on the mental structure of an individual with the help of any behavioral observation of the individual stores and information processes. It is developed by the scientific method which contains individual mental processes.

Internal mental processes are described as rules or algorithms in information processing models. Cognitive psychology includes the investigation, experimentation, and simulation by a specialist. Computers are also involved in the modern era to conduct an investigation in neuroscience.

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The above-written essay sample is based upon the concept of cognitive psychology and various aspects associated with it.

Psychology QQI Level 5 and 6, Mental Health QQI Level 6, Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy QQI Level 9, Healthcare QQI Level 5, and Well Being QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain better knowledge on human behavior and psychology.

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