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SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example, we shall focus on the SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD course module in Ireland. We shall elaborate on the learning outcomes and the assessment techniques that are used for the assessment evaluation of the learners.

The purpose of this course module is to make the learners capable of explaining quantitative sociology which includes the social research data collection and interpretation of data. They shall learn the role of statistical analysis and survey.

SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD Assignment Sample Ireland

Course TitleQuantitative Research Methods
Level2 (intermediate)
Credit Value5.0

Learning Outcomes of the SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD Course 

This online course unit covers all the major aspects of sociology and social issues prevailing in society. The learning outcomes shall cover the methods or ways of measuring the social concepts, visualizing the quantitative data, basic principles of describing and data analysis, the conduct of personal quantitative research, etc.

Students shall learn this course through lectures, autonomous student learning, and computer labs.

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These are the following learning outcomes of the SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD assignment activity:-

Critical Thinking of Different Ways to Measure the Social Concepts 

There are many social concepts that are residing within sociology such as culture, research, society, knowledge, socialization, etc. Some of the modern and main social concepts are feminism, marxism, interactionism, functionalism, and post-modernism.

For any social concept, it is to be employed in quantitative research where it can be measured for being quantified. Social concepts are measured to find differences between the individuals which needs a precise measurement of measuring the income differences of the poorest and richest to find out the differences in the income distribution and social inequality in the society.

The measurement of the social concept allows the correlation between the independent and the dependent variables which helps in achieving consistency over a period of time.

It allows comparison with the past historical record of data which makes it reliable. The process of measurement could be precise, exclusive, inclusive, and exhaustive which are important for all the variables.

The social data can be measured by either nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio levels of measurement. This was published in 1946 by a psychologist called Stanley Smith “On the Theory of Scales of Measurement.” Measurement can occur at any stage of research. Learners need to present a critical review as part of an assessment strategy on the instructions of the assessor.

Visualizing and Display the Quantitative Data 

In this course, we shall learn about quantitative data visual display. The quantitative data stores the information about the quantities in numbers and holds a numerical value in written form. Its main focus is only on the members and the representation or visualization of data through different methods.

It can be displayed in a line chart, graphs, tables, charts, and maps. It can be displayed on a histogram which is a rectangle in shape with an area proportional to the frequency of a variable and width equal to the class interval in a diagram.

While a bar graph is a representation of numerical values of variables through the height and length of the lines or width of the rectangles. In a pie chart, a circle is divided into sectors representing the different proportions. Streamgraphs are used for representing only the positive values. The scatter plot is another graph that is used for showing the values of two variables where the pattern of resulting points reveals the correlation of the present.

The research report is presented by learners on the visual representation of quantitative data (length, height, temperature, speed, volume, etc).

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Understanding the Principle of Data Analysis 

Learners by the end of this course module shall be able to describe and understand the basic principle of data analysis. The data analysis techniques used for measuring the inequalities and discrimination in social groups can be analyzed and measured.

For preparing data analysis one needs to be first familiar with the sources of data, clear analysis, and multiangle observation. It is done by describing the object through data which is done by methods of clustering, basic statistics, and feature analysis. It is a systematic process of application of logical or statistical techniques to describe and evaluate the data.

It reduces a huge amount of data into smaller segments to make it understandable. In data analysis, the data is to be first organized, summarized, and categorized. A research report is to be made on the data analysis principles.

Conducting and Reporting on Own Quantitative Research 

The learners after researching and study on the various sociological issues in society can select their research topic and conduct quantitative research on it. They must represent their data with the aid of visual representation and use various sources of information.

They shall be instructed by their assessor to conduct personal research and prepare a report on this demonstrating their learning outcome. The findings must be presented to show data that has been found during investigations.

Assessment Techniques for the SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

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Assessment Evaluation
Critical Review (1500 words)
Research Report (2500 words)

  • The critical review is the summary that is prepared after a proper analysis of the materials and the evaluation of such materials using appropriate criteria.
  • The research report is the document that is prepared by a strategist or analyst and presents recorded data prepared by the researchers which include the result after an analysis.

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The above-written assignment sample is based on SOC20260 Quantitative Research Methods UCD course module.

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