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SOC30070 Sociology of Education UCD Assignment Example

The sociology of education is the study of social institutions, processes, and behavior in schools. It examines how school systems create opportunities for students to learn, participate and succeed in society. The sociology of education also addresses why some groups are more successful than others at escaping poverty or achieving parity with other societies while others suffer from educational disadvantages that can lead to economic stagnation or social exclusion.

Sociologists study the impact of schooling on individual students, school communities, and society as a whole, using quantitative methods (such as surveys) and qualitative approaches. They theorize about different aspects of schooling and its contemporary role in society. They also investigate the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to problems associated with schools.

The sociology of education is an interdisciplinary field in which sociologists consider the educational milieu as a social institution, examining society’s views and understanding of it. Within sociological discourse, schools are seen (to different degrees) as systems with salient groups such as students, teachers, school administrators, board of directors, and other entities working within the classroom or office environments.

Assignment Task 1: The lecture familiarizes students with contemporary and classic concepts in the field of educational inequality.

The lecture will explore the three main types of educational inequality: economic, social, and ethnic. The focus will be on how these inequalities have developed over time and in different societies. It is hoped that by understanding the roots of this problem we can begin to address it head-on. We will explore how historically, as well as today, private and public policies are used to govern education and were put into place with the intent of creating equality.

However, through a historical examination students will see that little has changed despite over two hundred years of statistical reports that report nationwide educational inequality. It is hoped that this historical review will be followed by an analysis of present-day not only in America but worldwide that continues on its path toward improving educational conditions across society.

In this workshop, students study the principles of segregation and its causes in Mexico from 1920 until 1970. Students use primary data(such as census, birth dates) and secondary data(such as microfilm records, school records) to determine patterns for examining the impact which has had on minority schooling leading up to its introduction as a federal law in 1963. It is located in the Sunflower Research Station Library and Archives at Trinity College’s Dublin Campus Library located at Stony Road County Cork Ireland. Users can find it through the library description and user guide.

The analysis of these data shows that greater resources were allocated to maintain schools in areas where minorities outnumbered their white counterparts before the effects of civil rights laws were equally distributed. It is evident that once minority students equal or exceed a specific amount set forth by law, funding began to be favored for disbursement in minority communities.

This study provides causal research evidence strong enough to support the hypothesis that social differentiation facilitates changes in education disparities by increasing fiscal and educational investments at local levels. Providing more resources to predominately minority schools could lead them to become more like their peers more quickly with obvious benefits for education equity and economic benefit.

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Assignment Task 2: Describe worldwide developments, deliver key explanations in this field and critically reflect on policies based on empirical findings.

The world today is facing significant changes, both political and social. The rapid growth of technology has led to a new era in which information and communication are essential for all aspects of life. This means that the ability to connect with others is increasingly important, whether it’s through online forums or face-to-face conversations. However, as our ever-growing data sets continue to grow more sophisticated and complex, it becomes increasingly difficult for us humans to process them effectively. In response, governments have started looking for ways to use technology to make sense of all this information and understand how it can be used best by society as a whole.

One of the most pressing issues facing our governments today regarding the availability of online data is the issue of gender equality. The gender pay gap between heterosexual men and women (estimated at 16% in 2009) remains a serious problem. The disparity can be in part attributed to the gap in men working full-time, while women continue to take on part-time jobs, hence fewer women with more money accumulating in their bank accounts. This disparity leads to a multitude of consequent negative consequences as well as negative effects on social mobility for both genders if not addressed effectively by a change of legislation and public policy.

This study seeks to understand how government processes and policies can impact the general link between society and the internet (such as policies on gender equality). By examining current policies surrounding connectivity within governments around Asia I would expect that inequality between males and females should also be addressed within governmental connectivity undertaken due to differing social, cultural, political, or economic issues between nations.

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