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Traditional Medicine vs Modern Medicine Essay Sample Ireland

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Traditional Medicine vs Modern Medicine Essay Sample Ireland

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Essay Title- Traditional Medicine vs Modern Medicine


There are various medicinal practices to deal with health issues and diseases. These practices can be traditional or modern.  Where modern medicine totally depends upon inquiry and scientific facts there traditional medicine is based on experiences.

There is a big debate that which medicinal practice is best. However, both practices are significantly important from different perspectives. Modern medicine works based on scientific research but traditional medicines don’t have the scientific approvals, but on this basis, we cannot discard the practice of traditional medicines

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The differences between Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine

  • Where modern medicine has a lot of side effects, traditional medicine promises no side effects. Because of no side effects and is made from natural contents traditional medicine is considered to be safe. However, there is a debate from the scientific community that the side effect is not being assessed in these traditional medicines as they are not well researched.

Modern medicines sound to be more effective and a quick reliever but it leaves some side effects which can be more harmful to the patient than that disease.

  • Traditional medicines are best effective with some dietary changes however modern medicine does not require much change in the dietary pattern. It means that traditional medicine requires an atmosphere in the body.

Traditional medicines create an efficient atmosphere in the body of the patient so the disease can be cured well. Modern medicines, on the other hand, do not require any prior base to create the effect. So with traditional medicines, one has to be particular about what not to eat and what to eat but with modern medicines, it’s not necessary to follow the diet.

  • There is a comparative advantage for traditional medicines that are cost-effective. In the global world where there is a verge in the rise of the different diseases, modern medicines are becoming much costlier.

The quick they will give relief to the costlier they are. For traditional medicines, this is not true as traditional medicine is made from natural products from which most are easily available in the market so they are most cost-effective.

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  • The expensive modern medicine gives relief in a few minutes or mostly in less time than what is offered by modern medicine. While traditional medicine is slow in giving relief and one has to be patient to see the effect of these medicines.

That’s why mostly the practice of traditional medicine is not practiced as the world is getting faster and people cannot afford unhealthy days which will impact their money-earning capacity.

  • Nevertheless, traditional medicine cannot be used for serious ailments as it gives slow relief, and in the case of emergencies like accidents, Blood loss, or cardiovascular disease the patient can lose their life if the treatment is not possible early.

Modern medicines in these cases work very well. So the big complications in the medical sciences are mostly cured by modern medicines.

  • In traditional medicines, there is no clear dosage for the patient so the patient can take it as an overdose but in modern medicines, most medicines come with clear prescriptions of doses. In Traditional medicines, some contents can create an allergic reaction for the patient while the allergy warning is clearly mentioned on the modern medicines packets.


By seeing all the above factors and accounting for the advantages and disadvantages one can decide and choose the proper medicine for him/her. One should consult a doctor before taking any medicine. The experiment with their own body is not a good idea for health.

Before taking any medicine one should know about the side effects, dose, and dietary pattern with it. To get the soon relief one can also combine both medicines but there should be a time gap between taking these medicines. There should be proper research that can help the know-how of traditional medicines.

If the medicines are not working one should not be adamant about trying the other sort of medicines. Lastly, health is very important for all and people must take preventive measures to save it rather than being cured.

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