Importance of Social Policy Interventions Essay Sample

The changes and developments that occur in social life results in a change in social needs. Also, there is a change in issues and solutions for the issues. The 18th-century industrial revolution has a great impact not only on the economic aspect but also on the societal aspect.

The aim of such a revolution was to provide a solution for social problems and many more. We here going to discuss the past, present and future assumptions of social policy interventions.


Social policies are the most necessary disciplinary, the meaning of which is to provide a solution to the problems related to social life. The change in social problems occurs on the basis of state policies and social structure.

If we go through the history of social policies, we can connect it with the significant events of history. From an industrial point of view, societies can be classified as post-industrial, industrial, and preindustrial.

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The subject of social policy:

The social policies can be seen differently in different areas such as in continental Europe, it is termed as ‘social policy’ and in North American literature, it is termed as ‘social welfare policy’. There are various interventions in the definition of social policy and it is seen according to the periodic condition too.

The social policy is an approach to tackle the conflicts and issues between employees and employers and to provide the surety of agreement between programs in capitalist systems.

The social policies are aimed at finding solutions to the problems that occurred in society. In a broad sense, the perception of social policy means ample practices that address not only the issues and needs of effective class but also those of the different segments of society.

The factors that are responsible for impacting and determining the social policies depend not only on the requirements of the society and individuals but also on the violence, industrial groups, politics, media, unemployment, crime rates, ideological movements, etc types of economic factors.

Social Policies and their principles and concepts:

The goals of social policies can be achieved by having certain principles related to policies it will decide. The subjects and fundamental principles regarding social policies are exclusion, differences and division, reciprocity and obligation, altruism, equity and choice, efficiency, equal rights and social justice, social needs, and social problems.

There are certain rights provided to the human under social policies and that are:

  1. Freedom and rights: Rights are of various categories such as social rights, civil rights, and political rights.
  1. Need: Housing, caring, and food are the basic needs of humans. There are no limitations to the needs of a person.
  2. Equal opportunity: The meaning of equal opportunity means that the equal groups should be given equal treatment. The people required to be given equal opportunities irrespective of sex and group.
  1. Equality: Equality comes under social policies. With the aim to achieve equality, it is necessary to distribute resources equally. Equality can be categorized as equal treatment, equal opportunity or equal outcome.

The prime aim of social policies is to make certain that everyone in society lives in synchronization, far away from conflicts.

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History of social policy:

The social policies come into existence as an outcome of social and economic developments happened in the 19th century. It becomes meaningful with the industrial revolt.

The social changes became more predictable with the change in economic relations with the industrial revolt. As a consequence of the industrial revolution, the need for labor increased due to increased production.

The social reform movements that have been started between 1880 and 1920, the social policies have taken the form of a descriptive approach right from the prohibitive method.

Following the industrial revolution, the extent of social policies extended, and not only the issues of the labor sector but also those of the entire society were addressed.


Above, we have seen the importance of social policy interventions. Also, we have discussed the types, problems, scopes, goals, etc.

The social policies are the solutions prepared to protect workers in return for the dangers arising from various sources. The main aim behind developing social policies is to provide the surety that every human living in the society lives in harmony and peace away from conflicts.

The social policies aimed at ensuring social peace, social integration, social balance, social development, social justice, etc. It also aimed at creating the opportunity of equality for every individual.

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