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Social Work Practice Models Essay Sample

The following essay sample shall focus upon the various social work practice models that are used for treating individual clients.

There will be a detailed discussion on the social practice models which is used by the social workers. It deals with the issues faced by individual clients in relation to their psychology influencing behavior.

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What do we mean by social practice models?

Social practice models show how it can implement the theories into practice. How theories can help in dealing with individual problems. Various methods and techniques are used to tackle the behavior issues of the client.

Every individual client faces a different challenge in their life and techniques used for dealing with their challenge will also be different. So, in order to deal with the challenges of the clients, social workers must provide effective assistance to them.

Social work practice models are used by social workers to effectively mitigate the concerns of individuals by playing the role of a manager or a therapist.

Six Practice Models in Social Work 

We will elaborately discuss the six major common social work practice models and their use by a social worker.

(1) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This cognitive behavior therapy focuses on the cognitive issues of a person related to his feelings and thoughts. It shows how self-destructive behavior can arise from troubled and negative thoughts.

Psychological issues and thoughts can encourage people to cause self-harm and injury to others. Cognitive development of the mind is also restricted in such scenarios. It hampers a person from creating a balance between emotions and actions based on behavior.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used to help clients in identifying their feelings and emotions that influence a particular behavior.

This therapy can turn out to be very beneficial for individuals who are already in a phase of depression due to some trauma. It helps people with long term mental health illness caused due to facing a tragic event or trauma.

Social workers can advise and guide them to get rid of such self-destructive thoughts that influence negative behavior.

(2) Crisis Intervention Model

This model of crisis intervention is basically an intervention technique to prevent an individual from getting physically hurt or violated.

It intervenes an individual from an attempt to commit suicide due to any major problems in their life. The problems faced by such individuals could be life-altering like getting a life-threatening disease, domestic violence, rape, or any other suicidal tendencies.

Allen J. Ottens and Albert R. Roberts are two therapists who developed the seven stages of a crisis intervention model.

It discusses how by taking step after step an effective intervention can be made in the life of a person to prevent him from taking his own life.

Following are the seven stages of the crisis intervention model:-

  • Take a psychological assessment of the individual.
  • Establish a rapport with them.
  • Identification of the causes of such a crisis.
  • Allowing the client to express his thoughts and emotions.
  • Making a plan of action.
  • Follow up after intervention.

(3) Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a method through which it separates a person from their personal problem.

The social worker creates a story or narration to make them aware that physical existence and problems are two different things. There is no physical existence of problems and they are part of us. They lie outside of us which can be dealt by various techniques.

The problem-solving skills of such a person is encouraged by social workers to help them self analyze their problems. It helps them fix their own issues by devising personal methods and discover their purpose in life.

Social workers help clients creating a personal narrative and story to be followed by a series of positive actions. They can deal with their issues when they view the narrative from an outsider’s perspective. It helps them tackle issues by avoiding certain ways.

Narrative therapy does not change the personality of a person rather helps them deal with the negative impact of the problem.

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(4) Problem Solving Model

The Problem-solving model was introduced by a social worker called Helen Harris Periman. It helps an individual to relate to his problem and create a plan of action which helps him solving his issues.

It is a self-created solution-based model where the client is helped to focus upon one problem at a time.

Periman claimed that a person who faces challenges in his life must know how to self deal with them. Instead of relying upon the long therapies one must focus and deal with one problem at a time.

Lung therapies include many visits or sittings to help the clients deal with their mental health issues. This may affect the personal and professional life of the client as most of his time is consumed in attending such sessions.

This restricts the progress and growth of a client and makes them to dependant on sessions to solve their problems in life. It affects their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Therefore one must try to deal with their own personal issues steadily and implement their own solutions.

(5) Solution Focused Therapy

As the name suggests, solution-focused therapy involves both the social worker and the individual client to solve issues and devise solutions. The solution worked upon by both the parties help in coping up with the challenges using specific behavior.

This is a short-term model to gain short-term benefits for the clients. It changes the actions of a person to get positive results and outcomes instead of trying to change their personality.

It helps the individual client to get confidence and boosts his self-esteem as he along with the social worker contributes to the solution of the problem.

(6) Task Centered Practice 

In this practice model social worker to simplify the handling of problems breaks the tasks. He breaks down a problem to make it manageable for him to deal.

A task-centered practice is a goal-oriented task where the person approaches his problem step by step to make his life better.

It can be also called social work brief therapy where deadlines are provided to complete tasks and meeting the deadline on time.

The social worker helps the client to focus on their present issue and forget their past concerns. It helps them to tackle the present issues and work done by the clients will affect their future.

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The above-written sample primarily focuses upon the social work practice models and their use by the social workers.

Sociology, Psychology, Behavior Psychology, and Philosophy students can benefit from reading this above sample. It will give them clarity about the practice models and job of social workers.

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