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Elton Mayo Human Relations Theory Essay Sample 

Following essay sample is written to highlight upon the Human Motivational theory at workplace which was first introduced by Elton Mayo Human Relations Theory. This theory has a Hawthorne effect which was an experiment done by Elton Mayo on two distinct group of workers on lighting condition at work place.

The Human Relations Management Theory introduced by Elton Mayo talks about the behaviour of the people in a group and their attitude with each other. It shows the psychological behaviour and mindset of the people in a closed group and their conduct towards others in the group.

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This theory enhances the personality, growth and overall development of a person. It improves the productivity level of the workers or employees ensuring a delivery of high quality of work to the management.

Mayo’s Hawthorne experiment shows that the human relationships are the most important factor in terms of productivity.

Mayo Management Theory led to human relations school of thought. It says that importance of employee satisfaction, social relationships and job satisfaction is more than any monetary or other working conditions factor.

Five Principles of Elton Mayo Theory of Human Relations Skills at the workplace 

To carry out the daily activities at the workplace the following are the basic five effective human relations skills required :-

(1) Effective Communication skills to facilitate human relations at workplace 

New and innovative channels of communication can be opened to interact freely with each other. Managers have the responsibility to ensure that the employees remain motivated and value their work. Oral or written communication (emails, letters) etc must be enhanced at the workplace. Leaders or managers must be flexible with the other employees individual needs and must help them to attain even the organizational goals by motivating them and increasing their productivity level.

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(2) Resolving of conflicts by the manager inside the organization could enhance human relations 

Conflicts arising out of differences at workplace due to culture, background, or personality etc could easily be resolved by the manager. Each employee of the organization should be heard of his opinion so that an effective coordinated team work can be created.

Conflicts amongst the employees can be resolved through dialogue and proper human resource handling skill that can restore peace and harmony in the team whenever any disagreement arises.

(3) Managers must be well equiped with the multiple tasking and in managing team and interpersonal relationships 

Managers or leaders must be good at multitasking at their job. They must know how to prioritize work. Their work must be smooth and always before the deadline. They must be able to adapt to policy or workplace changes to suit the employees flow of work.

(4) Striking negotiations between the parties by manager to create balance in relationships at workplace 

Strong negotiations skills are the most important criteria of workplace function. It is very important to balance the terms and conditions of both the parties while reaching any agreement. Such agreements could be between stakeholders, creditors or third party and between the company.

(5) Well organised work environment must be ensured by the manager to create balance in relationships 

Having an organised structure of balance at workplace is very important for an organization and it’s employees. Documentation, paper work or any other manual or non manual work should be done in an organized manner. Staying organized is must when time management and efficient delivery of work is important.

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Hawthorne Experiment by Elton Mayo on Human Relations Theory 

There was an electric plant that was established and a factory in which almost 40,000 people were hired. The experiment was done on workplace lighting that how changing lighting condition has an effect on the productivity of the workers.

There were two groups namely a control group and an improved lighting condition group. The better lighting condition group will definitely show a better productivity while the productivity shall also improve in the control group. It increases the employee satisfaction and when reduced light for one group productivity also increases.

He recognized that workers are not human machines and their work environment and satisfaction at job is important for also increasing their productivity level.

When employees are treated in a certain way it changes their behaviour and overall performance at their work.

Division of groups on the basis of their cohesiveness and norms into four matrix by Elton Mayo Theory of Human Relations

The productivity, performance and quality of work can be determined through these four matrix of groups.

Groups with Low Cohesiveness and Low norms

It leads to low productivity and no longetivity at work as there is no motivation or employee satisfaction of work. This kind of organization cannot stand in the long run at the market.

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Groups with High Cohesiveness and Low norms

This form of group has a negetive impact on productivity as negative behavior influence is more than the positive influence here.

Groups with high norms and low cohesiveness 

The individual goal can be achieved through this process. It can only be a motivation for any personal success but not of a team. It does not improve the productivity of the complete team and rather have a limited positive impact.

Groups with High norms and high cohesiveness 

Both the individual and team success can be seen here. It leads to high productivity, strong network and strong interpersonal relationships.

Advantages and disadvantages of Elton Mayo Human Relations Theory 

Advantages – This theory can be beneficial for all. It promotes effective communication and a coordinated teamwork. It increases the level of productivity and employees value and their satisfaction is of utmost importance and not money.

Disadvantages – It requires more responsibility, stress level increases along with work pressure. Independence is given more to the workers that means there is less control over them. Human social relationships cannot be the only factor for workers to work rather many factors are vital for worker’s motivation for work.

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