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Hearing Impairment Essay writing Example

Hearing impairment refers to partial or complete inability to hear sounds and thus is not the same as deafness. The students of Ireland need to focus on the characteristics of communication disorders to prepare a knowledgeable essay on hearing impairment. Impairment in hearing can affect the educational performance of the child as they experience difficulty while participating in the classroom discussions, presenting oral reports, and studying vocabulary and spelling subjects. If the students are not able to prepare an outstanding essay on their own, then they can take expert writing help.

Hearing Impairment Essay writing Example

Long-term exposure to loud noise can affect or even damage the nerve cells in the cochlea. It becomes a barrier in the transmission of electrical signals and results in hearing loss. The students need to give an influencing introduction to speech-language pathology while preparing for an educational essay. An individual with hearing impairment has problems understanding speech. Moreover, the students who are searching for professional assignment help can consult services provided by the leading writing company.

Types of hearing impairment

  • Conductive hearing impairment

Conductive hearing loss means that the vibrations are not passing correctly from the outer part to the inner part of an ear. There are several reasons like a defective eardrum, an excessive build-up of earwax, and a perforated eardrum due to which communication disorders in children can occur.

  • Sensorineural hearing impairment

Sensorineural hearing loss can occur due to dysfunction of the auditory nerve, inner ear, and even due to brain damage. Hair cells start losing some of their functioning when humans start growing older. It weakens the hearing capability. Along with it, exposure to high-frequency sounds and speech and language disorders statistics can damage the hair cell. Moreover, inner ear infections and congenital deformities can result in sensorineural deafness.

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  • Mixed hearing impairment

It is the combination of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Ear infections lasting for a long time and speech or language impairment characteristics can result in damaging the eardrum as well as ossicles. However, surgical intervention is not effective in restoring hearing.

Causes of hearing impairment

  1. Aging: Aging is a continual process in which individuals can lose some of the sound receptors and even nerve endings. Moreover, acquired language disorders can affect individuals differently. Not every person in old age suffers from hearing impairment.
  2. Noise: Loud noises can result in temporary hearing impairment among individuals. Moreover, individuals having long-term exposure to loud noises can face permanent damage to nerve endings and loss of sound receptors.
  3. Infections: Various infections can cause hearing loss. Serious infections do not cause hearing impairment among adults but in children as well.
  4. Genetics: Genetic factors play a significant role in the development of inner ear structures. Along with it, the introduction to speech-language disorders tells whether the internal structure of an ear will stay healthy or not. That is why; inherited factors do not cause only hearing impairment in infants but also impact the later development of the child.
  5. Chemicals: Individuals can experience various chemical disturbances due to metabolic changes and the intake of several medications. All such chemicals can affect the temperament of inner ear fluid and can change its volume.

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Sample on hearing impairment essay for Irish students

Title: How hearing impairment different from deafness?

Hearing loss is a reduced ability of an individual to hear sounds like healthy people. However, deafness occurs when an individual is not able to understand the speech even with an amplified sound. Hearing impairment can affect the speech ability of an individual. Children with hearing loss experience delayed development of language skills, but deafness slower down the social development among children.

The individuals experiencing hearing loss have to face challenges and must undergo surgery plus become familiar with new equipment. Deafness raises challenges not only for the child but for close friends, family members as well as who need to adapt to hearing impairment.

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