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Social Problems in Ireland Essay Sample

This sample will discuss the social issues and concerns in Irish society. It is an elaborate discussion on social policies by the Irish government to eliminate such issues in future.

Social issues are not restricted to a particular country, community or society rather it is a global issue. It affects the people in the society, vulnerable groups and their overall development. It creates a negative impact even on the economy of the country and its progress.

Countries have their own specific social issues to deal with. Some of the social issues that affect the countries around the globe are –

Drug abuse, Prostitution, Poverty, Corruption, Women’s safety, Healthcare facilities, Racial discrimination, Casteism, Child’s safety, Environmental change, Education etc.

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Major social problems faced by an Irish society

Ireland has its own specific set of social problems that the Irish government needs to deal with.

Following are some of the major social issues that are faced by Irish society and they are:-

Unequal distribution of income causing poverty

Ireland has a huge gap in the market income distribution amongst its people. It has the worst income distribution scale out of all the countries of the EU.

Unequal distribution of income or money in the hands of the people it has lead to poverty in Irish society.

Not only this but people who are part of the working class group are also below the poverty line. Employment class people are paid poorly in Ireland where 1,10,000 such people are living below the line of poverty.

Ireland has the highest rates of low paid employment in Europe. It relies on its social welfare system and taxes to eradicate the unequal distribution of income.

Environmental issues

Ireland is the highest emitter of Greenhouse gases in the EU and its major cause is agricultural emission.

There is no proper awareness, training, planning, services, and infrastructure provided to the Irish villages, towns, and communities for agricultural development.

They do not follow a sustainable system of development and perform 2nd worst country in the EU on climatic change.

There is no proper government policy on agriculture, economy, and export to ensure any sustainability. It gets difficult to protect the environment against any climatic change or global warming.

Healthcare sector issues

The rise in population and the increase in the number of old age people it increases the need for health care services in Ireland. It requires a health care facility or unit to be in close access to the houses of old people and people with disabilities.

People with special needs require special care units and care facilities as their cost of living is high and requires special attention.

Ireland faces issues of primary health care services which is not easily accessible to many. It also performs the worst in the hospital waiting list times in the whole of Europe.

Issues in Education System

There is no proper education investment in Ireland and in education for poor people. Underprivileged children are denied education services which further declines the human resource contribution to the economy.

No education means no employment which leads to less economic growth and investment and causes poverty. Even the highest qualified adults with 3rd level qualifications are also not able to get jobs.

Housing or accommodation issues 

The problem of homelessness of people and children has increased in Ireland since 2016. Housing accommodation for families has become compact and less spacious which also affects health.

Less space is reducing the flexibility, physical health, and mental health of children as they can’t play or crawl. Due to no cooking facilities, it is causing deprivation of health and nutrition in children.

The list of social housing facilities is long and waiting and no provision for sufficient homes in Ireland. Affordable homes by the government also have high rents which can’t be afforded by common households.

Insufficient focusing facilities for the old age and people with disability. Long term private accommodation has been replaced with short term high rented lettings.

Possible Irish government initiatives for dealing with social issues in future 

These steps or initiatives can be taken up by the government of Ireland to deal with social issues in the future.

We have discussed above the major social issues and with respect to it, government can take steps to eradicate these social problems.

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Government initiative for the eradication of poverty 

The government can make suitable policies for acknowledging the issue of poverty in Ireland by ensuring equity in social welfare rates.

It can address the child poverty issues and ensure integration of income tax and welfare employment policies. It can make sure that there is a reasonable pay scale in jobs.

The government can introduce a payment system for incurring the cost of a person with a disability as they are more prone to poverty and social exclusion.

Policies for migrant workers to provide them with assistance and give financial aid. It will ensure equal and fair distribution of income to the workers.

System of Basic Income to be introduced to create a social welfare system for people to have adequate means of income to live with dignity. It will also solve the unemployment issue.

Government initiative for dealing with environmental issues

The government can introduce policies to make sure that the set emission targets are not crossed and sustainability is maintained.

It can implement a sustainable development framework into the economy to achieve sustainable development goals.

Usage of renewable resources must be promoted amongst the people who are less aware and educated.

Develop a policy on the environment and agricultural taxes to prevent environmental pollution.

Help and assistance must be provided to the villages and communities to achieve a low carbon society and mitigate the risk of gas emission.

An initiative by the Irish government for the healthcare system 

The government can take initiative to provide primary health care services to every person who is in need of it.

Investment in health care, making healthcare-related policies and long term plans in the health care system.

It can also take an initiative to build more special care homes for old age groups and people with disabilities.

Medical treatment and coverage to be given to vulnerable groups of the society. Provision to ensure that employees working in Irish companies to be provided medical claims and health insurance.

Provision to end the hospital waiting list and developing mental health care services. Health care budgets can also be established.

Reformation of the health care system to achieve greater health goals and providing quality care and valuing money of the patient who is using health services.

Government initiative for education 

The government can introduce new education schemes and policies for underprivileged children. Delivery of long term sustainable,  funded strategies must be ensured.

Better accessibility to children from disadvantaged social groups, increase in investment in the early childhood education care sector to meet the goals.

It can set proper strategies to achieve goals for adult literacy, digital skills, and numeracy among adults. It can also develop an integrated education system with learning skills, digital transition, and vocational training.

An initiative by the government for accommodation 

The government can initiate to build more number of social housing to accommodate people in Ireland.

Families in emergency accommodation must be provided with ‘Housing First’ provision of government.

Old age people and people with disabilities must be provided with a spectrum of housing facilities along with the facility of health care staff, therapists, and mental health workers.

Inspection must be increased by the local authorities.

There shall be no selling of illegal land or property for housing.

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Sample written above mentions the major social issues faced by Irish society and ways to deal with them.

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