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Medical Tourism in Ireland- Sample Essay, Research Paper

Ireland has become the popular medical tourism sector where patients across the world seek cosmetic surgery and other treatments. The hospitals and different clinics in Ireland provide a variety of services to domestic as well as foreign patients who include pulmonary, pathology, and physiotherapy.

At the beginning of 2010, Tourism Ireland has grown its fan base across international markets. Irish tourism has the potential to reach around 700 million connections through its followers on social media platforms.

The Joint Commission International has accredited around 16 clinics and hospitals in the country located in Waterford, Cork, Galway, Dublin, and Sandyford. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is an unpredictable challenge for Ireland Tourism which is showing the effect of the immediate fallout.

The authorities in the Republic of Ireland are advising continuously against all the non-essential travel to the island of Ireland. Moreover, there is a restriction on the movement of travelers is in the entire country due to such a pandemic.

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How COVID-19 affect medical tourism in Ireland?

Tourism Ireland has established a substantial digital footprint, especially in medical services. The social strategy of Tourism Ireland is to extend customer engagement in a well-connected way across different networks.

National tourism has driven differentiation and specific customer relevance through excellent medical services for the island of Ireland. When a country is ahead of the virus spread, the non-disruptive tools such as vaccines work.

  • Medical tourism has faced its worst crisis ever due to the impact of coronavirus. It is because a virus that causes COVID-19 can infect people of any age due to which restrictions are put on tourism in the entire country.
  • The number of hospitals and clinics will have a high chance to earn more as local Irish customers are dependent heavily on the doctors. However, if the finances are tight then those medical clinics which are dependent on tourism will struggle heavily.
  • Small medical tourism agencies may not reopen and maybe some of the Irish hospitals will not have spare capacity for medical tourists. The ban on tourists is the right decision made by the country which can affect its medical tourism but can save thousands of lives.
  • The ongoing and prospective clinical trials can also experience a delay in product approvals. Several companies in international markets launched some plans to delay product launches. It shows how many pandemic impacts globally.
  • The coronavirus has not only affected business tourism in Ireland but there is a significant decline in medical tourism as well. Along with it, the procedures to treat the severe conditions identified during regular screening can delay as patients opt to avoid contact with others.

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Research paper sample on medical tourism in Ireland

Title: What are the main sectors hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland?

Tourism Ireland has experienced a large number of travelers in one day before the pandemic but due to COVID-19, the country has observed a great decline. The size of media audiences offers an appreciated platform for promoting the country and a great opportunity to promote the business to a worldwide audience.

Due to COVID-19, the travel, medical tourism, and hospitality industry are among the critical sectors which are severely hit. So, the country can expect a complete washout with no businesses and revenues running out and there would be certain job losses. However, once the pandemic ends, essential travel sections such as spiritual tourism, domestic tourism, medical tourism, and hospitality are expected to pick up first.

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