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Regulatory Landscape of Pharmaceutical Business Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay work shall highlight the importance of the regulations for pharmaceutical businesses. It also includes important regulations for selling medicinal or pharmaceutical products by the businesses.

Drug manufacturers or companies manufacturing drugs and medicines have to go through strict regulations and follow a protocol for the health and safety of the public.

The medicinal products or drugs need to be pre-clinically and clinically tested throughout the stage to ensure that it is safe for the selling and consumption.

The drugs are tested in these two stages for testing their properties and any harmful effects are called the drug development cycle.

Drug regulations are required for the patients as they are not much aware of the usage of drugs and the way to use them. Only a health professional can use such drugs and prescribe them to the patients according to their health status. He cannot prescribe any drug without any proper guidelines and training.

The foundation for the drug regulations was first established in the 19th century and in the modern era, such regulations are needed for the purpose of research and development purposes of drugs.

Such regulations are carried out by the concerned regulatory bodies for keeping a check on the quality of medicinal products sold on the market.

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Importance of regulations in the pharmaceutical businesses 

  • The standard regulations help to determine the quality standard of the medicinal products and drugs in the market.

It also helps the manufacturers to improve upon their manufacturing process by improving the output and by following the guidelines.

  • Such regulations of businesses help to protect the patients from any harmful drugs and medicines that are being sold in the market. It ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the patients by keeping a regular check on the products.
  • The regulations help in devising measures to control any harmful or illegal product selling and marketing. It monitors the promotion and advertisement of medicines or drugs in the market.
  • Regulations are also meant for supplying any important detailed information about the medicinal products, any side effects, and their use for the general public.

Important regulations for selling pharmaceutical products by the business

There are some important regulations for selling any drugs or medicines by pharmaceutical businesses in the market.

Market Authorisation (MA) 

Market Authorisation (MA) is a compulsory license for the business which are dealing in medicines and drugs and other pharmaceutical products used by the patients.

All companies dealing in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products need to have a Market Authorization (MA) license to sell their products. They can either get approval on the application from the prescribed authorities for marketing the medical products.

Before any submission of such an application, the compliance team will submit Common Technical Documents to the authority for an effective evaluation and approval. This document contains details of the drug development cycle.

It contains details of the Market Authorisation license, quality of the medicines, safety details, clinical information, and nonclinical study reports.

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Good Manufacturing Product

The drugs and medicinal products are produced and controlled in accordance with the safety and quality standards.

Such measures of the Good Manufacturing Product (GMP) are meant for eliminating any risk in production that could not be done during the testing and final product.


Pharmacovigilance is another act that is meant for supervising the effects of medicinal products after a certificate has been issued for the patient’s use.

It ensures the safety of patients and promotes their health-related awareness and clinical training to people and health professionals.

Post Market Authorisation (PMS) 

Post Market Authorisation (PMA) is an effective method through which vital information about the products is ascertained after it has been approved with a Market Authorization certificate.

It is meant for the evaluation of risk associated with drug usage and to diagnose any unexpected risk.

Labeling and Packaging of products 

There are many identifiers in the market for providing descriptions of the ingredients of the products. Labeling is a very important regulation that is attached to the body of the products which is a must for medicinal products.

Labeling describes the date of manufacturing and expiry, warnings, product ingredients, prescription, precautions, etc.

The manufacturing label provides medicinal details and directions used by healthcare providers.

The packaging is for the protection and promotion of a new product acting as the identifier of the content of a product.

New Falsified Medicine Regulations, 2016

The falsified medicines are second-hand, duplicate, and illegal medicines that are harmful and have high involvement of risk associated with them.

These are unauthorized medicines and pharmacy products which contain false and very poor quality ingredients. When it is being evaluated by a regulatory body it is found to be not fit for human consumption and use.

This regulation was published and implemented in the year 2019 finally and has the aim of regulating access to fake drugs and medicines by the general public. It is meant the improvement in the safety of pharmacotherapy the patients.

This regulation uses unique identifiers for verification and requires the codification of the products with an identification number on their body.

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The above sample is based on the regulatory landscape of pharmaceutical businesses.

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