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Social Work Theories Essay Sample

This essay will deal with various social work theories proposed by psychoanalyst theorists. It will show how social workers can use these theories to understand the behavior of their clients.

Social work theories are developed with the purpose of defining social events based on scientific research and studies.

We will first discuss briefly about the importance of social work theories in the field of social work and service.\

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Importance of social work theories 

  • Social work theories will help social workers to create social interventions and case studies of their clients. It will give clarity to the worker about the behavior issues of their clients.
  • Such theories is meant for close analysis of the behaviour in the clients and understanding it’s cause and help in getting solution-oriented results.
  • These theories should be  scientifically researched, approved, and investigated before put into practice by the workers. It is an evidence based theory which is reliable as personal beliefs are not taken into consideration.
  • It also studies the social environment of a person surrounding it to study the influence on a person’s behavior.
  • Research-based social theory helps the social worker to give their clients proper guidance, direction, and to teach control.

Social work theories used in social service

We will discuss broadly a few major social work theories that can be used by social workers for studying the causes of their clients. These theories are used on a regular basis by the social workers for reference.

Social Learning Theory

This theory of social learning is also known as social cognitive theory. It was developed by an American psychologist called Albert Bandura.

In this theory, a person pays close attention to the person that he is watching and tries to retain his actions in his memory. He can repeat the behavior learned through observation to repeat it in the future in a different situation.

He creates a positive role model in his mind that affects his social behavior and cognitive mind development. It influences his social behavior positively.

A social worker can develop intervention strategies to create positive models to influence positive behavior in their clients.

Social Systems Theory

People work in conplex systems and are mostly occupied by some social group or element that influences their behavior.

He is not socially isolated but rather surrounded by friends, family, economic class, social status, religious beliefs, societal norms, home environment, etc. These factors influence the attitude and behaviour of a person.

This theory can help in the treatment of social anxiety, depression, trauma or any risky behaviour of a person.

This can help the social worker to study the case of his client and draw an understanding that how social systems influence the behavior of the client.

Psychosocial Development Theory 

A German Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson had studied the eight stages of psychosocial development theory of a person from his early years to late adulthood. He came up with this theory of the Psychosocial development of a person.

Following are the eight stages of development of a person and conflicts faced by them while passing from that stage.

  • Trust v. Mistrust
  • Autonomy v. Shame and Doubt
  • Initiative v. Guilt
  • Industry v. Inferiority
  • Identity v. Confusion
  • Intimacy v. Isolation
  • Generativity v. Stagnation
  • Integrity v. Despair

A social worker can analyze and study these eight stages of psychosocial development theory to understand the challenges faced by their client in a particular stage and ways to help them deal. It helps them understand the social influence on the present behavior of the client.

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Psychodynamic Theory

This theory is also known as the psychoanalysis theory of Sigmund Freud. He claimed that humans seek for sexual gratification that influences their social behaviour.

The childhood experiences of a person creates understanding and development of awareness and influence behavior.

Internal processes guide the behavior of the individuals and the social worker can examine the childhood experiences of clients to study their behavior.

Social Exchange Theory

This theory was proposed by an Austrian sociologist George Homans. He claimed through his theory that people seek maximum benefits out of the other person. He reciprocates the benefits gained by him through the social exchange.

In any relationship between two people, the one with greater resources will have greater control and power than the other. When risks involved are found to be more than the rewards in a relationship it may be abandoned by a person.

Social worker can study this social theory to understand the clients relationships with other people and their behaviour psychology. The worker can even analyse his relationship with the client.

Rational Choice Theory

These choices are made through a logical mindset, rational thinking, and critical analysis. Here a person weighs the risks, loss, costs and benefits involved and then make a decision accordingly.

Social worker can also study their clients choices and preferences to understand that what influenced the choices of their clients and their decisions.

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Sample above is written with the purpose of explaining social work theories and their influence.

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