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National Stroke Programme Ireland Essay Sample

The following essay sample is a work on the National Stroke Programme in Ireland, National Clinical Programme for Stroke, Irish Heart Foundation- Stroke Programme, and a brief on the National Stroke Strategy Ireland 2020-2025.

The National Stroke Programme Ireland introduced ‘Atrial Fibrillation Screening in General Practice in Ireland’ in the year 2016. In this particular program, an Atrial Fibrillation Screening is done for the patients who are diagnosed with heart diseases.

National Stroke Programme Ireland Essay Sample

Atrial Fibrillation is a very common cardiac rhythm disturbance that gets very serious as someone ages and it is mostly seen in the population of 65 years age and above. A person with an atrial fibrillation condition has an increased risk of stroke and dementia with a high mortality rate.

About 20,000 older adults in Ireland have issues of atrial fibrillation which becomes a growing concern for public health. ‘Changing Cardiovascular Health’ is a program that has the priority of identifying strokes in the primary healthcare system and methods to prevent such strokes.

Such patients with the condition of atrial fibrillation need to be first detected, diagnosed, and then managed to prevent any further strokes in the future.

There are stroke programs like the Stroke Prevention Working Group and HSE National Stroke Programme which prioritizes the prevention of stroke in the Irish population.

There is a recent study showing patients with the atrial fibrillation condition in Ireland where almost 95% of the patients have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation require anticoagulation therapy.

Patients who have been prescribed an anticoagulation therapy to the patients are high and are evenly distributed between warfarin and other anticoagulant agents.

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National Clinical Programme for Stroke (NCPS) 

The National Clinical Programme for Stroke was commenced in early 2010. This program was designed to deliver better clinical care services with optimum utilization of resources.

  • It has an aim to design the models which deliver integrated clinical care and helps with clinical operational management in the most integrated way.
  • National Clinical Programme has an aim to improve the accessibility of quality and cost-effectiveness of care services for stroke patients.
  • It has the objective to achieve any development of governance structure and implementation of stroke register so that the process can be monitored and the clinical outcome of care can be provided to the stroke patients.
  • It provides access to treatment of stroke which can be improved with the help of an increase in the provision of stroke units, provision of secondary treatment and availability of stroke thrombosis to prevent stroke, and development of services for discharge of the patients.
  • With the help of this program, more cost-effective and target-based use of resources can be done by reducing the length of stay of the patients.

Irish Heart Foundation – Stroke Programme

There are more than 30,000 Irish people who are suffering from any disability as a result of stroke which can be seen as the third largest cause of death in Ireland.

A Stroke Manifesto 2017 was introduced in Ireland to urge the government to take appropriate and effective measures to reduce the risk of stroke which causes hundreds of deaths every year.

In the year 2016, the Irish Heart Foundation with an alliance with HSE National Stroke Programme launched the National Audit of the Stroke Services. This audit showed that more than a quarter rate of deaths due to stroke has been reduced in Ireland leading to the direct discharge of patients from the nursing homes.

Stroke rates have decreased by half rate in the last seven years making stroke preventable due to adequate rehabilitation services. Irish Heart Foundation along with the Economic Social Research Institute and Royal College Surgeons Ireland have introduced an early supported discharge for stroke patients in Ireland.

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The Early Supported Discharge aims at the speedy discharge of the patients from the hospital by providing the best rehabilitation services. Such services aim at providing a homely environment to learn such skills.

The Irish Heart Foundation has developed a network of Stroke Support Groups that provides a common ground or platform for those affected by a stroke on a regular basis and can share their experiences.

Such people can discuss their issues and methods to overcome their problems by sharing advice and suggestions. Such groups can raise awareness by developing activity programs by inviting speakers, arranging trips, and counseling and physiotherapy services.

National Stroke Strategy Ireland 2020-2025

The new National Stroke Strategy includes a range of measures that aims in preventing and improving the clinical outcomes of stroke in Ireland.

National Stroke Strategy has the aim of addressing major issues related to heart health, stroke and discharging of people on time, and providing timely support. It also provides adequate support to the patients who are returning back to their homes after getting discharged and reducing their risk of getting strokes in the future.

It includes phases of prevention, acute care, care, restoration to living conditions, and research and education.

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The above-written essay sample highlights the National Stroke Programmes in Ireland and its positive outcome for heart patients.

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