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Essay Sample on the Aging process

Aging refers to the time from the birth of a child to the present time. The students preparing essays on aging can find the process of aging quite complex that can be illustrated functionally, chronologically, or physiologically. Generally, functional age refers to the ability of an individual to contribute to society and assist others, physiological age refers to age determination by body functioning, and chronological age refers to mathematical numbers a person lived.

Essay Sample on the Aging process

Sample on aging process essay for Irish students

Title: How aging affects the physical and psychological well-being of individuals?

Aim of the study: The objective of the aging process essay is to evaluate how aging affects the well-being of an individual physically and psychologically. The students can also demonstrate how the process of aging depends on genetic and environmental factors.


The process of aging is a common part of human development. What happens, when, and how, are the general patterns of aging and vary from childhood to old age. As age progresses, people become more diverse and get influenced by social, physical, and environmental factors. Some of the genetic and environmental factors including support systems, life experiences, and coping skills influence how a person ages. Moreover, the process of aging affects the elderly psychologically, physically, spiritually, and socially.

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As aging progress, degenerative changes take place in the cardiovascular system, brain functioning, respiratory system, and so on that become a reason for elderly people’s physical illness. Apart from it, sensory capabilities including vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing get deteriorated as a person ages. Due to physical problems like breathing difficulty and pain, many old age home residents are practicing poor quality of sleep and well-being.

Main body section:

Effect of aging on psychosocial wellbeing: Psychosocial wellbeing is a subjective phenomenon that represents different meanings for different people. The process of aging affects the feeling of wellness in the social, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual aspects of an individual. People often become less socially active and start hiding their emotions and feelings. It is a sign that old aged people are becoming socially and emotionally weak.

  • Effect of the aging process on cognitive well-being: Cognitive wellbeing reflects the capability of an individual regarding how to perceive, remember, learn, and think ideas. Most persons experience a slight increase in memory problems as they get aged. The process of learning new concepts, acquiring information, and encoding it for storage requires high time as people get older.
  • Changes in personality associated with aging: From childhood to adulthood, personality traits remain quite stable. As people get older, men and women appear to become alike in terms of personality styles and values. Studies have shown that men tend to become more expressive and nurturant as they get aged. However, women tend to become more oriented toward achievement goals.
  • Sensory changes associated with the aging process: Apart from the physiological changes, sensory changes are also common during the process of aging. The pupil starts decreasing in size as people get older and the elderly can experience various changes in vision. Hearing changes are also common that result in damage to the hearing organ or the central nervous system. Along with it, the elderly experience changes in taste, smell, and skin sensitivity during the aging process.

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The aging process disrupts an individual’s ability to interact with others. It affects the cognitive, physical, social, mental, and emotional abilities of individuals as they get old. Along with it, the aging process also affects the sensory changes when people get aged.

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