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Physical Needs and Care of the Older Person Essay Sample  

The following essay sample shall focus on the old aged people’s physical needs and care provided by their carers to them about such needs.

Old age is a phase of life in which a person has a wide range of physical health issues and physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

The physical and intellectual needs of elderly people depend upon their age, health status, socioeconomic status, the standard of living, and background.

Physical Care Needs Older Person Essay Sample

It has been observed that the majority of the elderly have pain in the joints, diabetes, high blood pressure, and blurred vision issues. All the issues give rise to the physical needs of an old adult for medical treatment, care, attention, and support.

The older person is the one who is in the last stages of their life or is dying. A dying old person with ailments requires palliative care and support.

Even the older adults in the last stages of their life have physical needs like maintaining the hygiene of the oral mouth, nutritional needs, routine hygiene care, bowel and bladder care, and adequate sleep.

How to Care for Physical Needs of Older Adults 

Any older person has physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. As he ages with time he gets more dependent on others for his care and support. Family members or professional carers can take care of the old person’s daily needs.

In this sample, we will discuss only the physical needs of old persons and how a carer can take care of those needs.

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Skin, hair, and nails hygiene needs and care 

In the later adulthood stage, the old people have thin hair, saggy skin, and brittle nails. The skin becomes so loose, tender, and fragile over some time that it gets prone to skin injuries and disease.

The wear and tear of skin cells make it easily bruised and bleed and hair and nails start falling off easily. Soreness, eczema, and other skin-related issues become very common.

A carer needs to take care of the skin of the old person against any extreme climatic exposure, heat, cold, and pressure and by keeping the skin moisturized. He needs to take care of the daily routine hygiene of the old person by keeping his hair and nails short which reduces hair fall and improves the quality of life.

Oral care needs of an older adult

When there is an increase in autoimmune diseases with age it reduces the immunity against infection of an old adult which also causes oral diseases.

Ageing can cause abnormal jaw movement and arterial disease which makes the chewing process slow. It happens due to a lack of a nutritious diet.

Due to the lack of a nutritious diet in most older people, they usually create mucosal diseases like yeast infections, pemphigus, oral cancer, candida, and pemphigoid.

The dental hygiene and needs can be taken care of by providing them with nutritious meals which can improve their deficiencies and their mouth must be cleaned daily.

Healthy bowel, bladder, and digestive needs and care

Due to changes in the contraction of muscles, the food movement becomes slow in the digestive system and it absorbs more water which leads to a bad bowel.

It causes a common problem of constipation in older people. A bad bowel or urinary system can even cause ulcers, arthritis, and other bowel-related diseases.

A carer needs to help the older adult to keep a smooth digestive system with the help of a fiber-rich diet, regular exercise, hydration, and by making frequent visits to the doctor for regular health checkups.

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An adequate amount of sleeping needs and care

People in the old age group have to need to fall asleep and they face a hard time sleeping on time as their sleep pattern changes with time.

Older people never get too deep sleep and their duration of sleep decreases due to anxiety, pain in the chronic illness, discomfort, etc. They remain sleep deprived which can cause confusion, frustration, mood irritability, sleep apnea, and hyper insomnia.

Carers must get the professional help of a sleep specialist before prescribing any medication on their own. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills help in relieving stress and sleeping disorder. Such medicines must only be given under the strict supervision of a licensed physician.

The carer must also provide a healthy diet and regular exercise for improving the quality of sleep of an old person.

Needs for engaging in leisure activities 

A person in his retirement age has hardly any work to do so he can indulge in leisure activities for the old groups. He can now take up the hobby or interest that he left as a result of job pressure.

These leisure activities can be in the form of group exercise classes, walking clubs, book clubs, and gardening clubs which give a social platform to the older people to socialize and engage with others. It helps them to share the stories of their life experiences.

Carers apart from arranging these special classes for them can also arrange field trips and excursions for adventure.

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The above sample mentions the physical needs of the older adults and cares for such needs by carers.

Gerontology QQI Level 6, Care of Older Person QQI Level 5, Care Skills and Care of Older Person QQI Level 5, Healthcare Support QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQIand Nutrition Course QQI students can refer to this essay sample for gaining knowledge on older care needs.

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