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Statutory Agencies for Elderly People in Ireland Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall focus upon the various statutory organizations and schemes of the Irish government which has been introduced for providing care services and ensuring welfare of the elderly people.

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There are many organizations which extends it’s helping hand towards the people who are living an active retired life in the old age. These organizations have been set up in Ireland to support the retired people by providing them a range of physical activities to engage themselves.

Such supports are made available by many statutory organizations or agencies like the Department of Social Protection, the voluntary organizations and local agencies.

These activity groups provide sports, arts and other social activities to the elderly to indulge themselves into all sorts of physical activities to education and training.

  • Active Retirement Ireland is one such retirement association that helps a retired person to live his life to his full potential.
  • Age and Opportunity helps in the promotion of elderly adults participation in varied range of activities.
  • Irish Senior Citizen Parliament focuses on the issues of earning, health, income and housing facility and interests of senior citizens. It represents these interests of them to the government and the other public bodies.
  • National Federation of Pensioners is an association which is a representative body of the pensioners which aims to protect and promote the interests of the them by addressing social welfare and health issues.
  • Age Action Ireland is a body of advocacy which aims to empower the elderly by securing their rights and providing them high quality care services.

Support and care services for the older adult group

The healthcare services in Ireland provides the care services to the elderly through hospital services and community healthcare organizations.

Apart from this there are also home support services which is provided to the elderly for living a dignified life.

Hospital Services

The hospitals in Ireland provides a planned care services along with emergency inpatient care service to the elderly.

If an old patient is discharged from the hospital after treatment then the staff shall speak to an appropriate community staff to organize care following his discharge.

Family carers or the relatives of a patient can help during the process of discharge of a patient.

Community Services 

The Community Healthcare Organizations supports the people who are dependent at home and also to the carers. It includes primary care services which is given by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, public health nurses, family doctor and speech and language therapist.

The Older Persons Services must provide the supports or home services in the form of daily cares, homecare packages, house help, meals and residential services.

These home care package service can be provided by the HSE or voluntary or private organizations.

Home Support Services

Home Support Care Service or Care Scheme is for supporting the elderly to remain in their homes as long as it is safe and suitable for them. It provides assistance in the daily tasks of hair cutting, shaving, dressing, eating etc. It depends upon the individual needs of a person which is provided by the HSE or an external provider.

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Day Care Service

The health service executive provides an aid through voluntary organization to provide daily day care meals to the elderly on the wheels.

It provides the personal day care and routine hygiene care services along with nursing care and social activities. It is given to a person who is suffering from condition of dementia orAlzeimer.

Respite Services

These services can be provided in both inside the residential homes or nursing homes to the elderly person. It also gives a break to the carers from the stressful work of care. Public Health Services helps in providing respite services.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

The Community Healthcare Organizations has a protection team for the vulnerable adults for any abusive or neglecting behaviour towards them.

Support and Information to the Older Person

There are groups in Ireland which provides information and support to the older person who are in dire need of care and attention.

Seniorline is a confidential listening service for the isolated elderly people.

ALONE is another information providing group of older people to help them deal with the feelings of loneliness and isolation. It helps them to get an accomodation in the community.

Friends of the Elderlyis an Irish charity organization which develops a bond of friendship with old and lonely elderly people by regularly visiting their house.

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The above sample explains the various government agencies who voluntarily provide care services to the elderly in Ireland.

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