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Assignment Example on Intellectual needs of elderly

All individuals have essential requirements or needs for well-being and their health. It can be classified as intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs. Many individuals often fear that aging can cause cognitive impairment, their intellect to disappear, and irrationality. However, this is not true as the intellectual refusal is not an expected consequence of aging. The elder adults tend to learn and perform slowly on tasks such as memorization and imagination as compared to younger adults. However, older people may lack in certain mental tasks, they build up wisdom or practical knowledge based on experiences. Apart from it, memory problems may arise due to short-term sensory shortage issues.

Assignment Example on Intellectual needs of elderly

Some of the needs like movement, nutrition, knowledge, opportunities to learn, a sense of belonging, and many more are common to all individuals. However, as people pass through all stages of life, all such needs may change. The intellectual need is a desire to learn something and refers to a detailed form of intrinsic motivation. As people get older, they are likely to become weaker and their intellectual needs become more complex. Older adults require someone who can help them and support in meeting up their intellectual needs. The students of Ireland become capable to demonstrate the understanding and knowledge of how healthcare supporters help individuals in meeting up their intellectual needs while developing an academic essay.

Particular intellectual needs of older people

  • Stimulation:

Due to physical problems like lack of coordination or limited mobility, many older adults may find it challenging to engage in stimulating activities. Along with it, problems with hearing or eyesight serve as critical reasons that old aged people find difficulty in reading like intellectual activities.

  • Knowledge:

Short-term memory loss may create difficulty for the elderly to retain information about any situation. The older adults become incapable to hold the information they have and how they should handle it such as the medication they need. Thus, they require support from healthcare professionals who can help them in meeting their intellectual needs.

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  • Opportunity to learn:

Some elderly may feel that they are too old to learn new activities or creative skills. However, some individuals may regard aging or retirement as a chance to try out new activities or hobbies.

How integrated social and health care services meet the intellectual needs of the elderly?

A diverse range of support and care is offered to help meet the intellectual needs of older people. Some examples include:

  • Getting adequate sleep is beneficial as it strengthens connections between brain cells. Older adults who are capable to get enough sleep may transfer memories from short-term to long-term. It shows that new memories that the elderly make are more likely to stay with them.
  • Playing or practicing a new instrument that involves hand-eye coordination help seniors to keep their mind active and learn new skills.
  • Spending good time with family and close friends helps in maintaining and improving mental functions.
  • The healthcare professionals should provide a range of activities in day centers such as table quizzes. It helps in keeping old aged people engaged with regular activities and helps them to learn new skills provided by the voluntary sector.
  • Physical exercise helps in enhancing mood and improving mental capabilities as well. It provides opportunities to the elderly for social interaction that helps in improving memory.

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Example of intellectual needs of elderly essay

Title: Why is it crucial for older adults to stay social?

It is not only vital for mental health but intellectual capabilities as well, to stay social. Staying socially active, helps individuals to keep their mind dynamic for upcoming challenges and facing every challenge vigorously. The older adults spending time with friends, going for an evening walk, playing indoor activities with children, and many more stay active. Along with it, healthcare professionals should take care that all the physical, social, and intellectual needs of the elderly are met with proper care and support.

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