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Recommendations on How to Improve the Quality of Care for Older Adults Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight the ways to improve the quality of life of the elderly with the help of many improved care services.

Ageing is a natural process in which care services are usually provided to the elderly at home or at health care units which need to be improvised. An elderly person not only has medical but also physical, psychological, and emotional needs.

Recommendations on How to Improve the Quality of Care for Older Adults Essay Sample

A good quality care service can improve the health and quality of life of an old person. For effective quality care, well-coordinated care is needed with the help of a Geriatric Care Manager. He can make the elderly care regular and ensure that the caregiver, elderly, and family are happy with the care.

Ways to Improve Quality of Life of Elderly Person  

There are many ways through which the quality of care for the elderly can be improved in residential homes, care homes, and the healthcare or nursing units as well.

Following are some of the ways which can be adopted to improve the quality of care and life of an elderly person and they are:-

Physical involvement in the outdoor activities 

The elders must spend most of their time outside their house in the green outdoors to remain physically fit and active. Carers or instructors must guide the elderly with outdoor activities and physical exercises.

They must be encouraged to perform tasks according to their physical abilities as it would keep them physically and emotionally fit. Walking, freehand exercises, stretching, and physical therapies are appropriate for the old age group.

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Hire Geriatric Care Manager

A geriatric care manager could help the elderly with care plan routine and care management of the elder’s care. They coordinate with the caregivers to consult with doctors to avail best care services at home. They also allow the adult children to spend more quality time with their parents and make better use of them.

Staying in the regular communication 

An elderly person requires regular support and care along with regular communication with his carer. They must not remain socially isolated and lonely as it may create a risk of dementia.

Frequent communication makes a person feel comfortable and well and their health status remains updated. The doctor must be in the close vicinity of the house so that he can be contacted in case of an emergency. Carers must be in regular communication and awareness of the needs of the elderly.

Ensuring a secured home care service 

For hiring any carer at home they must be first properly interviewed before being bestowed upon with responsibilities. Caregivers must be given sufficient information about the daily needs and interests of the elderly.

The interests of the elderly must be the priority during the care service. A calendar should also be maintained to have a record of the appointments made for visits to the clinic, carer schedule, and family visits.

Coordination of family visits

Family visits must be scheduled for the elderly so that they can have a relaxing time together. It helps in monitoring the activities of the elderly and symptoms of any new disease or memory loss.

It helps the care team to make notes on his health status and treat symptoms early to avoid any further issues.

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Improving quality of care immediately improves the quality of life

A daily care routine must be fixed for them and be combined with healthy activities daily. They must be able to go out of their houses and make active participation in the community activities. When the best health services and medications are combined it eventually improves the elder’s quality of life.

Improving safety provisions for the elders

A safe and secured environment must be created inside the home and in their immediate outside and inside environment. Carers shall help them to navigate their home more safely. Safety assessment rules must be there to rule out the risks in the home. It reduces an elderly person’s anxiety level and depression.

Monitor and treat their mental health issues 

Older adults above 65 age are easily affected by depression due to the loss of a spouse, and not being able to stay alone at home for a longer period after retirement. Such persistent conditions can create mental health issues and illness.

Such mental health issues need to be monitored by the carers by taking help from a professional who can provide medicines and treatment for the same.

Encouraging the elderly in mental activity

Active and regular mental stimulation plays a very vital role in a person’s mental health. Seniors must be encouraged not to sit idle but rather read books, write, and play brain games such as chess, sudoku, crosswords, puzzle, etc.

This brainstorming activity shall keep their brain sharp and healthy improving cognitive function and reducing the risk of diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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The above sample mentions the ways to improve the quality of life of older adults and what care can be provided to them.

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