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Doll Therapy Impact on Elderly People Essay

In health care terminology, the importance of treating elders with respect and care is inevitable. Moreover, in the Care skills QQI course in Ireland, different therapies are instructed. Mostly, the students are asked to write care skills assignments on this topic i. e. Doll therapy and its advantages and disadvantages.

The therapies implied patients, stress on healing them inside out. One such therapy is Doll Therapy. Thus, in this article, we shall study Doll Therapy Impact on Elderly People.

Doll Therapy Impact on Elderly People Essay

The world of medicine and health care is on a progressive edge. Now and then, new therapies and technologies are being introduced. The major concern is to provide good treatment to the patients. Now, the people who are suffering from mental disorders like Alzheimer’s, Dementia is mostly of age greater than 60 years. Their look after includes humongous care, love, concern, sympathy, and affection. Healthcare workers need to understand their psychology and work with them in an empathetic manner.

What is Doll Therapy?

Doll therapy involves introducing elderly patients to dolls. It is believed and proven that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia can recover using this therapy. It really poses a great impact on the mental state of elderly people. They feel more attached to dolls as they go back into the past when they had small kids. Therefore, they believe that dolls can become their companions.

Moreover, elder people require care more than medicines. Having a stuffed toy say, a doll in their hands makes them feel comforted. They try talking and playing with the dolls. As a result, they seem to be happier.

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How to Introduce Dolls to Dementia Patients?

Generally, Doll therapy is used for curing dementia patients. Because of this disorder, patients tend to forget their past, and their identity. They suffer from sleeplessness. They give up on food and other important day-to-day activities.

Now, introducing dolls to patients might be a challenging task. The nurses or health care workers should maintain their cool and not get offended by patients’ reactions. Usually, a certain situational setup can be done to do so. But, the patient’s response can either be joyous or uninterested or something weird also. In that case, health care workers should try to be subtle. Now, giving the doll a name would be a good choice. Lastly, the doll should not be forcibly launched.

Doll therapy Advantages and Disadvantages:

Although, this therapy is a success in most cases. Yet, there are certain cons also. The advantages of doll therapy include:

  • Patients become happier
  • They feel a kind of consolation.
  • In many cases, patients start recovering faster.
  • This treatment is better than giving harsh medicines
  • Their mood becomes better
  • They try playing with dolls and turn out to be more active
  • Eating habits improve as they start taking food.

Despite all the positivities related to this therapy, some people feel that doll therapy is inappropriate.  They believe that:

  • The concept of introducing dolls to dementia patients is absurd
  • They feel that it is a kind of mockery.
  • Some children feel hesitant to meet their parents who are undergoing this therapy.
  • They also find that this treatment is not a dignified one.

Apart from all the alleged beliefs about this treatment, the improvements are on the higher side. Thus, people should try changing their, mentality. Because, for some patients, this therapy can help them get back to their original, normal life.

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Importance of The Topic in Health Care and Care Skills in Ireland

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