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Assignment sample on the current Consensus on the extent of Older Abuse

Older abuse remains one of the most unknown forms of inter-family struggle within many societies. In Ireland, elder abuse is regarded not only as a health issue but also as a social care issue. It is essential to notice the signs of physical abuse among the elderly so that the proper care can be provided. Despite over 20 years of the older abuse prevalence research, there is still a lack of attributes on how to measure consensus on the extent of older abuse. The students asking do my assignments for me can take help from paid writing services provided by expert Irish writers.

The recognition of older abuse as a global phenomenon has been considered by periodic initiatives, followed by national and international organizations. According to conducted research on older abuse in Ireland, it has found that 3% to 5% of the elder people experience abuse in numerous forms. Many factors contribute to promoting elder abuse, however, the clear consequences have not yet found. Moreover, a study into the older abuse by the National Council for Ageing and Older People projected that around 12,000 elder Irish people are suffering from regular abuse. The expert writers provide sample essays for Irish students so that they can finish their assignments before the final submission date.

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What are the different types of elderly abuse?

Abuse can happen to anyone irrespective of race, age, culture, ethnicity, and religion. The report of ‘Abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of older people’ initiated that the unwillingness of the society to diagnose the problem of older abuse. Every year, nearly a hundred among thousands of adults over the age of 60 get abused or financially broken. Elder emotional abuse can happen in any place whether it is an older person’s home, a nursing home, or a family member’s house. There are different types of older abuse namely;

  • Physical abuse- It generally happens when someone caused bodily harm by pushing, hitting, or slapping.
  • Emotional abuse- It refers to psychological abuse, which includes shouting, saying upsetting words, threatening, or ignoring the older person. Additionally, keeping the elder person from seeing close friends or relatives away from their close friends is another form of psychological abuse.
  • Neglect- It usually occurs when the caretaker does not respond to the needs of the older person.
  • Abandonment- It refers to leaving the senior person alone without planning for their care.
  • Sexual abuse- It includes the caregiver forcing an adult to watch or be a part of sexual acts.

Who is at a high risk of being abused?

In the last couple of decades, older abuse has been recognized as a social problem. The elder women are the most abuse victims. However, generally, those older people are at high targets who have no family or friends, facing family disputes, memory problems, suffering from disabilities, or dementia. There is a consensus among professional experts that a wide range of elder people exists. It is necessary to provide social care to the elderly and fulfill their essential needs effectively.

Though abuse can happen to any elder individual, it mainly affects those who are dependent on others for help with everyday life activities. People, who are not able to dress-up, bath, or take medicines on their own, are most likely to face older abuse.

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Sample on the current consensus on the extent of older abuse assignment

Title: What are the signs of older abuse?

There are many signs of older abuse, which anyone can see when they visit the home of an elder person. The older adult suffering from abuse face trouble in sleeping, seems confused or depressed, loses weight for no reason, and acts violently. In some cases, it is easy to observe the signs of trauma and unexplained burns, and scars on the skin of the older adult. The caregivers supporting elders may observe that the elder persons facing abuse lack in taking part in social activities.

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