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Feeding and Drinking Assistance in the Old Age Group Essay Sample

This essay sample will focus on the assistance provided to old people for eating and drinking and the importance of such assistance. Older adults are generally not very physically capable to take care of themselves and are considered to be dependent on others for their survival.

Later adult stages are vulnerable and they may need assistance with eating, drinking, maintaining hygiene, and carrying out their daily routine.

Feeding and Drinking Assistance in the Old Age Group Essay Sample

Health care workers and nursing staff are trained in old age daily care routine and help. They have to be patient and give them the independence of choices and preferences which need to be respected.

Ways to help older adults with safe eating

Carers or health assistants must be calm, composed, and polite in their tone while speaking to older adults. They must be served respectfully without giving them a feeling of rejection and insult.

Some of the ways through which carers can help old age people with safe eating are:-

  • Suitable utensils must be utilized for feeding the old person and his choice of utensils must be given to him for eating food. It gives them a sense of comfort, respect, and convenience.
  • Healthcare can also take expert advice from an occupational therapist to choose safe eating utensils for adults and replace broken utensils.
  • Creating an adequate and appropriate environment for a person which is free from any obstacles.

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The proper source of sufficient light and air must be present in the room where the adult is being fed. This helps the person to eat safely and prevents him from getting choked.

  • There should be no rush in feeding an adult person and rather give him enough time to complete his meal. If any breathing and swallowing difficulties are observed by the carers then call the hospital.
  • On the basis of an old person’s chewing and swallowing abilities food must be cooked and must not be served too hot or cold.
  • Assistance must be provided to the old person to sit in a correct posture to remain alert while eating and reduce the risk of choking.
  • Meals should be served in appropriate proportion to the old adults. Pieces of meat or vegetables should not be big and must be finely chopped before cooking.

Large meals can affect the digestive system and create health issues rather than small healthy meals to be provided at regular intervals.

  • Assess the elder’s abilities to chew and swallow food. Appropriate assistance and care should be given to them otherwise they make choke themselves.

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Importance of feeding older adults 

  • An older adult who is being fed regularly through some assistance helps him to achieve good health.

A regular healthy and nutritious diet helps them to remain fit and active and keeps them away from ailments.

  • Carers also encourage elder adults to be independent by allowing them to cook meals for themselves and eat by their own hands if they wish to and help them learn self-care skills.
  • It improves their quality of life and the overall standard of living of a person.

Ways to help later adult group in drinking water

  • Later adults have to drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis to keep themselves hydrated. Hydration is a must in old age people as it helps them to flush out toxins from their bodies.

It helps the carers to monitor a person’s daily water intake and provide drinking assistance if required.

  • Sodas, cold drinks, and sugary drinks must be kept away from older people and alcohol intake must abstain completely. These drinks cause dehydration and worsen any underlying conditions in an old person.
  • Water drinking sources like jugs, and glasses must be kept close to the beds of the old person or any other place where he often sits.

As it would not cause any trouble to get the water from a distant place and will ensure regular water intake.

  • If an old adult has difficulty drinking directly from the glass or bottle then straws could be provided to him. It would facilitate small sipping of water and ensure effective drinking without the risk of choking.
  • Some old people are stubborn and do not like to drink plain water. It can affect their health so an alternative must be made to water.

One could make them healthy homemade herbal juices, shakes, fruit juice, and sports drink which are healthy fluids that can be used as an alternative for water.

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Importance of assisting drinking water in later adults

  • Later adults require to drink a lot of water to keep themselves hydrated and free from physical and mental health ailments.
  • Getting hydrated keeps their mental health issues at bay. Depression and anxiety do not affect them much. If no proper water intake then it may worsen any cognitive impairment of a person.
  • Dehydration can cause soreness in the skin and inflammation that can further cause health issues.
  • Water helps in keeping healthy bowel, urinary tracts, and kidneys. It helps old adults with the problem of constipation and helps them to lead happy life.

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Sample written above highlights the methods or ways of assistance to old people in eating and drinking.

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